Saint Francis de Sales

During the course of the day, recollect as often as you can that you stand in the presence of God. Consider what He does and what you are doing. You will find His eyes turned towards you and perpetually fixed on you with an incomparable love.

Blessed Elias del Socorro Nieves

Every Priest who preaches the Word of God in times of persecution has no escape; he will die like Jesus on the Cross, with arms tied.

Blessed Father Michael Sopocko

Of the two thieves on the cross one prays and goes to heaven and the other swears and dies. (…) Prayer is mandatory for everyone: the sinners and the just. Without prayer, sinners will not be freed from the shackles of their inveterate addictions and will not obtain God’s Mercy.

Saint Rafqa

You have to understand very well that Jesus descends on the altar when the priest says the Holy words. At that time, bend your heads and contemplate the Lord hidden in the Host and Wine.

Blessed Clemens Graf von Galen

Faith cannot be reduced to a private sentiment or, indeed, be hidden when it is inconvenient.

Saint Serapion

The mind is purified by spiritual knowledge, the spiritual passions of the soul by charity, and the irregular appetites by abstinence and penance.

Saint Maria of the Heart of Jesus

Do not believe that caring for the sick consists only in giving them medicine and food; there is another kind of care which you should never forget, that of the heart which seeks to adapt to the suffering person, going to meet his needs.

Pope Saint John Paul II

At the workbench where he plied his trade together with Jesus, (Saint) Joseph brought human work closer to the mystery of the Redemption.

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

Accepting the faith is like putting into the bank the money we have given you; God will ask you for an account of this deposit.