Blessed Mariam of Jesus Crucified

Always remember to love your neighbor; always prefer the one who tries your patience, who tests your virtue, because with her you can always merit: Suffering is Love, the Law is Love.

Saint Germanus

Be enthroned, Lady, for it is fitting that you should sit in an exalted place since you are a Queen and glorious above all kings.

Saint Faustina Kowalska

Great love can change small things into great ones, and it is only love which lends value to our actions.

Blessed Alfredo I. Schuster

You want something to remember me by. All I can leave you is an invitation to holiness.

Saint Augustine

‘Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.’ How foolish, therefore, are those who seek God with these outward eyes, since He is seen with the heart! As it is written elsewhere, ‘And in singleness of heart seek Him.’ For that is a pure heart which is a single heart.

Saint Caesarius of Arles

Care of our souls is just like tilling the soil. Just as on cultivated land we pull up here and root out there so as to sow good seed, so must we do in our soul: pull up what is evil and plant what is good, root out what is harmful and transplant what is of value.

Saint Joseph Calasanz

All who undertake to teach must be endowed with deep love, the greatest of patience, and, most of all, profound humility. They must perform their work with earnest zeal. Then, through their humble prayers, the Lord will find them worthy to become fellow workers with Him in the cause of truth. He will console them in the fulfillment of this most noble duty, and finally, will enrich them with the gift of heaven. As Scripture says, ‘Those who instruct many in justice will shine as stars for all eternity.

Saint John Baptist de Lasalle

I will often consider myself as an instrument which is of no use except in the hands of the Workman. Hence I must await the orders of Providence before acting and be careful to accomplish them when unknown.