Saint Albert the Great

If your desire and aim is to reach the destination of the path and home of true happiness, of grace and glory, by a straight and safe way, then earnestly apply your mind to seek constant purity of heart, clarity of mind and calm of the senses. Gather up your heart’s desire and fix it continually on the Lord God.

Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini

Faith is necessary to good works, and good works are necessary to faith. Works make faith the source of salvation, and faith makes the works worthy of merit. Without good works faith is unproductive, without faith good works are ineffective. The stronger the faith, the more copious the good works, … , plenty of good works increase the vitality of faith.

Saint Epiphanius of Salamis

We can tell the solution of any question not through our own reasoning but from what follows from the Scriptures.

Saint Francis of Girolamo

Kept aloof from God? Why should you avoid so tender a parent–a Savior, who has poured out the last drop of his blood for you? Nay, rather turn and meet Him who has been running after you so long

Saint Damien de Veuster

I am willing to devote my life to the leprosy victims. It is absolutely necessary for a priest to remain here. The harvest is ripe.

Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger

United and content with little, we go out into the whole world, into the tiniest villages, into the poorest dwellings, wherever the Lord calls us, to bring poor children the good news of the Reign of God.

Blessed Miriam T. Demjanovich

The imitation of Christ in the lives of saints is always possible and compatible with every state of life. The saints did but one thing: the will of God. But they did it with all their might. We have only to do the same thing.

Blessed Anna Rosa Gattorno

My love (My God), what can I do to make the whole world love you? Make use once again of this wretched instrument to renew the faith and conversion of sinners.

Blessed Edmund Rice

One thing you may be sure of, that while you work for God, whether you succeed or not, He will amply reward you.