September 20 Day of Prayer
for our Prodigal Sons and Daughters

fast for lost sons and daughters

Do you know a young adult who has left the faith and who has been causing his or her family a lot of heartache? There are very many today. Think also of the younger ones who are heading away from faith and family. Think of the older ones who have been away for a long time.

On September 20, join our first annual Day of Prayer for all the prodigal sons and daughters of the members of Good News Ministries and your friends and families. Sign up now to tell us that you are making this commitment of love.

Choose to pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet or any prayer that is meaningful to you. You can find more prayer ideas in our Prayers for Parents. Together, we will pray in the name of Jesus Christ for these precious children of God to be set free from Satan’s lies and snares and to turn to Jesus, embrace the True Faith, and return to their families full of humility, goodness and love.

Afterward, if you have a praise report, please share it with us (use our contact form or email us).

First, click “READ THE PETITION” below: There you can include the names of people you know who should be added to the list of people to pray for.

Day of Prayer for Prodigal Sons and Daughters

This campaign is now closed.

End date: Sep 27, 2017

Signatures collected: 321

321 signatures
Latest Signatures
321Deb PariseSep 25, 2017
320Fiona NavarroSep 25, 2017
319Bea LuzSep 23, 2017
318Cathy WainwrightSep 23, 2017
317Diane LaFountainSep 23, 2017
316Michael WeberSep 23, 2017
315Joy DassSep 22, 2017
314Claudia StrieterSep 20, 2017
313Laura BensonSep 20, 2017
312Dianne RoversSep 20, 2017
311Brian & Barbara HinesSep 20, 2017
310Doreen SabaiSep 20, 2017
309Eleanor CSep 20, 2017
308Steven TanSep 20, 2017
307Christine ReichSep 20, 2017
306Tom GSep 20, 2017
305Mary ShieldsSep 20, 2017
304Monica MizeSep 20, 2017
303Josephine FooSep 20, 2017
302Evie Rodriguez Sep 20, 2017
301Flo JaramilloSep 20, 2017
300Michael MartinezSep 20, 2017
299Annie MiretSep 20, 2017
298Olufunlayo AinaSep 20, 2017
297Abel WambiSep 20, 2017
296Stephen LedwithSep 20, 2017
295Gina IvichSep 19, 2017
294Cecilia WillsonSep 19, 2017
293Pilar ErtlSep 19, 2017
292Isabel ValujaSep 19, 2017
291janet quijanoSep 19, 2017
290CICILIA TOHSep 19, 2017
289Monique ReznikSep 19, 2017
288Diana LeGreeSep 19, 2017
287john Okeke Sep 19, 2017
286Debbie HarmelingSep 19, 2017
285Lisa VerretteSep 19, 2017
284Elaine. DytnerskiSep 19, 2017
283Christine LewisSep 19, 2017
282Rosi GarciaSep 19, 2017
281Peggy HornsbySep 19, 2017
280Lisa StricklandSep 19, 2017
279Sean LipfirdSep 19, 2017
278Barbara MouldsSep 19, 2017
277Ann WayerSep 19, 2017
276Margarita ChuaSep 19, 2017
275MAY BALZANSep 19, 2017
274Gina ChidiacSep 19, 2017
273Marie GuidoSep 19, 2017
272Paulette AmsdenSep 19, 2017
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