Cayman Islands vacation-retreat

Huge discount for Good News Ministries!

If the idea of joining Terry and Ralph Modica on a vacation-retreat in the Cayman Islands triggers an “Ahhhhhh, that sounds so relaxing, and I need time out from normal life for some restoration of my spirit and my creative energies”, then help us plan it using the survey below. In September, we’ll announce on this page what the Good News Ministries Cayman Islands vacation-retreat will include, dates, and how to register.

Cayman Islands retreatHere’s the story behind it:

One of GNM’s long-time members (Fiona Pimentel) lives in the Cayman Islands (located in the western Caribbean Sea) and has recently started a small resort with her husband. She would love for Good News Ministries to use it for the glory of the Lord. In fact, she and I have been dreaming of this since 2009 when she told me that she had “a tiny apartment which has been blessed as a retreat guesthouse, but is as yet unused for this purpose. It is deliberately very simple, i.e. no phone-line or TV subscription, but there is a TV set for religious movies and a library of Christian books, mostly about relationships because my idea was for married couples to have a retreat away from children.”

What’s a vacation-retreat?

There are three cottages available. Ralph and Terry will use a 4th cottage for short, inspirational retreat sessions after a lazy morning of waking up, one-on-one time with us if you want a personalized retreat, and evening prayer. Most of your day will be free time for the beach, exploring the island, tourist attractions, relaxing in the pool, or whatever ministers to your need for restoration from the stresses of normal life. (See list of activities.)


What’s the cost?

Fiona has been inspired by the Holy Spirit to offer to Good News Ministries a 50% discount.

During off-season months (September through the middle of November), cottage rental will be approximately:

  • 2 people for 3 nights – $648 ($216 per night) for the whole cottage.
  • 4 people for 3 nights – $828 ($138 per room per night).

During tourist season, cottage rental will be approximately:

  • 2 people for 3 nights – $1095 ($365 per night) for the whole cottage.
  • 4 people for 3 nights –  $1275 ($212.50 per room per night). 

By sharing a cottage with a friend or couple that you bring or we place (there are two bedrooms), the price per person is less and the number of people who are blessed is more.

There is also a refundable deposit of $500. Add in your cost of meals and airfare and hopefully a donation to Good News Ministries. We’ll even pick you up at the airport and carry your bags! Ralph and I feel delighted when we get to serve those who are worn out from serving others. That’s why we call our retreats “restorations”.

The place is awesome! It’s an ideal site for relaxing, renewing your spiritual energy with the Holy Spirit, restoring creativity, and finding adventure. Look!

And remember, if you’re even just thinking about going but you’re not sure yet, take this short survey. If you want to be contacted when the plans are ready for registrations, be sure to gives us your contact info on the third (last) page of the survey.

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