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Families of Aborted Children Praying TogetherMembers are families of aborted* children praying together for our unborn babies who have died and for the rescuing of babies who are in current danger of an aborted life.

*Here we recognize that the aborted, miscarried, and still-birth children in our families are part of the Communion of Saints. We treasure all of them as little saints in God's arms.

We recommend that you pray with them often, just as you would with canonized Saints, for these children hold a special place in our Divine Father's loving heart. On this site we consider them to be patron saints for preventing more abortions. They are little saints who forgive you, care about you, and want to pray with you. They also want to be prayed for.

To become a member of FACPT, simply give us the name and gender of your child (or any aborted/miscarried children in your family that you know of). and we will give him/her/them a place of honor here. (We don't need to know your name; your child and our Merciful Savior know who you are.) By doing this, you make a statement that you are praying with a live human being, albeit one who is not with us on earth, for the rescuing of today's children who are in danger of being aborted, for their parents, and for the compassionate spreading of the truth about the value of all persons from the moment of their conception. How you do the prayer is up to you.

If you haven't given a name to your child yet, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its gender, trust the feeling you get about it, and choose a name.

Join Families of Aborted Children Praying Together. There's been too much silence from those who've had abortions, because there's been too much shame. Although we've learned (regretfully too late) that human life begins at conception, if we feel ashamed to speak up about the truth, we miss opportunities to help prevent other abortions, even when our guilt has been absolved in Christ's ministry of forgiveness.

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Why we offer this prayer ministry:

Abortions won't be stopped by legislation (not anytime soon enough); abortions will be stopped by an increase in understanding the humanness of the fetus and the feeling that we are all valued, all to be protected (and by "all" I mean in the parents of unwanted pregnancies as well as the children of those pregnancies).

FACPT gives people a safe place where we can build a stronger pro-life movement by giving Families of Aborted Children a shame-free community of love.

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