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  • Reflection for Saturday: The power of asking "in the name of Jesus"
  • Inside the Ministry: New ebook published
  • New Footsteps to Heaven episode: The Promise of Victory for Your Lost Loved Ones

Saturday May 23, 2020

ScripturesActs 18:23-28
Psalm 47:2-3, 8-10
John 16:23-28

Jesus said, "Amen, amen, I say to you: Whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you." (From Saturday's Gospel reading)

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Reflection for Saturday:
The power of asking "in the name of Jesus"

path to knowing God's willIs it enough to say, "Father, this we ask in the name of Jesus"? Will everything we ask "in the name of Jesus" be granted to us?

No. Not everything we ask, even if we ask in his name, will be granted. Why?

Because our prayer is not a power. It's a process. Only God has the power. We have a journey that Jesus wants to lead us through for the sake of growing in holiness.

How many times do we "run" to God to ask for his immediate help without taking the time to talk with him about the issue, to express our feelings, and above all, to listen to what he wants to tell us? He wants our prayers to become much, much more than that.

Asking "in the name of Jesus" means asking according to his heart and his will. But how do we know if what we ask for is in accordance with his heart and his will? We discover it best through a two-fold process.

One part is prayer - the meeting up of two friends (the Holy Spirit and you or me) who are in an intimate and deep relationship. We open our hearts to him and surrender all that afflicts us, worries us, saddens us, overwhelms us. By unconditionally submitting everything to him, we receive his comfort, his peace, his guidance. It is when we take time to ponder God's perspective of our prayer requests that we receive his counsel. The lesson to learn gradually unfolds. Trusting in him, we receive wisdom about what to ask and what not to ask, what to expect and what not to expect.

The other part is community - meeting with at least one Spirit-filled, Christ-centered friend or priest or spiritual director so we can receive confirmation or new insights about our prayer request. God answers prayers through community, usually. Although he can of course work miracles by himself, he prefers to work through the earthly Body of Christ.

Divine guidance for our prayer requests is not a complicated business. It is, in reality, simple. It’s always available, and God always speaks in the vernacular — he speaks our language, because he wants us to hear him.

For more on this, see our Wordbyte How Can You Be Sure What Is God’s Will?

Or listen to our Footsteps to Heaven podcast 3 ways to un-stifle the Holy Spirit.

Inside the Ministry: New ebook published

Radical Love: Reflections for CouplesI began writing Reflections for Couples in 2015 as a blog on our website for the Vocation of Marriage. After accumulating 215 of them, it's time to turn them into an ebook.

The blog will no longer be published. You can still use the blog to scroll through the posts, but there will be no new ones.

The book, which is titled, RADICAL LOVE: Reflections for Couples, is now available as a 228-page PDF from Catholic Digital Resources for those who want to print the reflections, and as a Kindle book on Amazon (see if it's available in your country, in the Kindle list we've posted on GNM).

Each reflection is a short inspirational message that brings God’s radical love into the context of romantic relationships. They include two thought-provoking questions to help you apply the messages to your everyday life and challenges. This is followed by ideas for discussing the topic as a couple to further integrate it into your relationship.

All couples will appreciate how this book empowers them to grow closer and to build a stronger future together. Dating couples will find that the conversations that spring from this book are helpful in discerning if they are right for each other. Engaged couples will find it very useful in preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. Married couples will more deeply embrace what the Sacrament of Marriage really means.

This is perfect for couples who have been through Engaged Encounter or Marriage Encounter, but this is not a requirement. These reflections for couples will stir up in you and your sweetheart the exciting discovery of God’s plan for your marriage as you journey together with Jesus.

The PDF version's Personal Use License is $7 per couple (two copies). It can be ordered with a Small Group License discount for Marriage Encounter sharing circles and a Whole Parish (unlimited printing) discount for parishes that want to make it part of their marriage and family ministries.

New Footsteps to Heaven episode

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Footsteps to Heaven podcast show#74
The Promise of Victory for Your Lost Loved Ones

Here's the reason to have hope -- with confidence! -- that your loved ones who have turned away from Christ will be saved. Your prayers do make a difference.

God has a plan! Jesus stated very clearly in John 6:39-40 and John 10:27-29 that no one -- not even the devil -- can take them out of the Father's hands. Discover God's wonderful purposes for allowing your loved ones to stray into sin for a season. Armed with this truth, you be able to keep praying, but now with joy instead of worry!

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God bless you!

Every morning, I lift up in prayer everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica, Executive Director
Good News Ministries

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