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Answered Prayers: Praise God!

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Seeking DivorceSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my sister that her husband and her will seek reconciliation instead of divorce.Thank you Lord for giving them the grace to see reconciliation Please continue to bless and protect the family Amen
Prayer for LolaSubmitted By: Craig anon
Hello! Please lift up my friend Lola to the LORD. She's currently unemployed. She's unable to find work. Because of the 4 months of unemployment, she's depressed, isolated, withdrawn, lacking energy. Pray the LORD delivers her. Thank you so much.THANK YOU to everyone who prayed. Lola's depression has lifted. I showed her this message board and tears of love came down her eyes. She was touched with LOVE. Thank you for your love and prayers! It's really, really appreciated!
Urgent Prayers SaraSubmitted By: Terry anon
Please pray for daughter Sara for the graces necessary for her to overcome withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, depression and insomnia.Thanks be to God, all prayers have helped Sara and thank you for lifting her up in your prayers.
prayers for pregnancySubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my daughter who is to give birth to twin boys in August 2016. Pray that they (both husband and wife) will have 100% faith and trust in God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Also, that she will be in the best care at the hospital in Ireland.I am most grateful to all of you for lifting up my prayer to God. My daughter's confinement will be in August, but doctors say that it might be early as they are twins.
Twins in danger of abortion May 5thSubmitted By: Maureen anon
Please pray for divine intervention for twins who are scheduled to be killed on May 5th..The father wants the babies. The mother is being pressured to abort...Pray for God's grace of courage and strength for this mom to love and protect here unborn twin babies..Unfortunalely I do not have a happy report......Thanks for all the prayers anyway!!!!
I need to sell my art, pay debt and find a homeSubmitted By: Anonymous
Dear Lord, help me sell those pieces well at their price so I can pay bills, the loan and either go RD or find a job, a home, and continue to go to RD till I can make it livable and share w/others what You have done for me for your honor and glory. Evangelize and let women know the importance of constant checkups. Dear Lord,
I am so grateful for your MERCY,your KINDNESS,your LOVE towards me. I didn´t have means to get chemotherapy and You provided a loan.You got a cheaper price for my medications to get my chemo done at the best clinic. You provided this Foundation that paid for my mastectomy in the best hospital for free,You provided my 2D radiation at the second best place in my country for free. You have found my medications at cost.Lord,how can I not be thankful,how can I not Honor You,nor let others know that You are ALIVE and HERE for us even in the darkest of nights.
Lost job/unemoymentSubmitted By: Teresa anon
Please pray for my transition and finding new employment, I am 62 and had been working for this Company for over nine years. I am devastated because of the financial situation this pots me in. Pray for graces on in coping and adjusting in trying to find new employment.Thanks be to God and to all for your prayers, I am finding that in trusting in the Lord, all things will move forward as he has planned. Jesus I Trust In You
Sureshni has ruptured her water bag this morning and was taken to hospital. At this very moment she is in the theater undergoing a C Section. Please pray for the babies and her for a safe delivery. Thank you. I thank God Almighty, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and all the Holy Saints and Angels for being near my daughter, holding her hand at the time of the operation. The babies have been taken out safely and my daughter's life is also saved. I just don't have words to thank all of you for all your constant prayers. I am blessed to believe in a living God. THANK YOU SO MUCH my Good News Ministry sisters and brothers for praying on behalf of Sureshni. The babies are in the Special Care Unit as they are premature (34 1/2 weeks). But I believe God's timing is perfect. BLESSINGS.
Prayer for a Father and Son relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me and my son's relationship with each other so that it will be healed and towards the path anchored with God and good family and catholic moral values. I appreciate and am grateful for all your prayers and I am also praying for the present petitions of those responding to this request. Regards and God bless us all...+Many thanks for all your prayers. Praise the Lord, the relationship is improving and my Son is opening up and communicate more nowadays.
Prayer for HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
Requesting the community's support to pray for the healing of Daniel L.R.P who is suffering from acute disease in his spleen and multiple complications in his internal organs, and needs lots of blood transfusion. Please pray with me that Lord Jesus will touch Daniel and heal whatever needs healing and people will respond to the request for blood donations. Thanks and God bless us allMany thanks for all your prayers. Daniel's disease was irreversible. He is now at peace with our Creator.
For a new work assignmentSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for the positive results of the planned new work assignment for me and my team, that we'll be able to rise to the challenges and accomplish our goals in the path anchored with God's will, integrity and good professional and moral values. I appreciate and I am grateful for all your prayers and I am also praying for the present petitions of those in the prayer community, specially those who are responding to this request. Regards and God bless us all...+Many thanks for all your prayers. I was kept in my current position perhaps due to manpower shortage in my current unit.
RetreatSubmitted By: Anonymous
I will be working on team a women's Retreat June 16-19. This is my first experience as a team member and am a bit nervous. Please pray that myself, the team and most especially those making this retreat will be open to the Holy Spirit.

God Bless you all.
The retreat was amazing. Thanks be to God!
Daughter Pregnant With Twins Having Fatty LiverSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would appreciate very much if you can continue with your prayers as the babies are now doing well and they are growing. Please pray for the skin irritation of my daughter. It's still her 33rd week of pregnancy.


Thank you in the name of Jesus. My daughter gave birth to twins. They are premature and are in the Special Care Unit. They will wait in hospital probably a week or so. Thank you so much the Good News Ministry team for praying for my daughter whose life and the babies have been safeguarded. Praise the Lord.
HealingSubmitted By: Carol anon
Successful cancer surgery for my husband on Thursday. Pray for healing.Thank you for all of your prayers. The surgery was successful.
Release of my spouse from the spirit of whoredom.Submitted By: Anonymous
I herein solicit your Prayer assistance to help dismantle the spirit of whoredom that has engulfed my husband causing him to indulge in sexual immorality (adultery, fornication). We have been having a happy marriage for over eleven years. At the end of the 11th year my husband just changed. All of a sudden he seems unable to resist other women. This has put a strain on our marriage and my husband's spiritual and Prayer life. Help me to through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour set him free. Thank you very much at Good News Ministries for uplifting my prayer request, i can attest to the fact that my husband is being restored by God's grace and that your prayers for my marriage have been answered by our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray Jesus in His Infinite mercy answers all your prayer requests as well. I pray that Jesus continues to lead, guide and direct GNM family and that more souls through this media be converted unto Christ. That we continue to pray and intercede for one another. Remain blessed in Jesus name. Amen
Prayer to pass Living Certificate TestsSubmitted By: Anonymous
For my nephew Xavier, that he will be granted wisdom and discernment to pass his Living Certificate exams so he can pursue his chosen career.A big thanks to all those who prayed for my nephew. Although he did not get the desired grade he wanted for his Living Cert exams, he still got an offer from a local college. If God closes a door, he opens a window. God is good!!!
persistent prayer for LolaSubmitted By: craig anon
Guys, thanks so much for all your past prayers to the Lord for Lola. Lola hasn't been able to find work for 9 months in NYC. Her roommate is moving out. She is at rock bottom. Please pray the Lord may have sovereign mercy upon her financially and for a roommate. God is not the unjust judge that He should ignore persistent requests of His children. Thanks!Thank You to everyone who prayed for Lola's roommate situation. Her roommate decided to stay until the end of November!! The LORD has been gracious to answer your prayers.
Anxious Submitted By: Anonymous
I'm having so many panic attacks. Please pray for me. Thank you for your prayers! My anxiety is not gone but is much better now!
Pray for healingSubmitted By: Anonymous
In humility, I ask for prayers of healing for my cousin's husband. He is due for brain surgery on Tuesday 27th September 2016. It is my hope that by the grace of God he comes through this surgery and is healed so that he may experience life anew with his wife and daughter. Thank you all very much in advance.Thank you all so very much for offering up this prayer request. My cousin's husband came through the surgery and in on the mend at the moment. May God shower you all with his heavenly blessings and keep you in his loving embrace. Thank you all very much again.
God daughter MichelleSubmitted By: May anon
Abba Father please heal our dear Michelle and give her strength, patience and love for you as she battles stage 4 cancer at such a young age. Abba you know what she needs. I trust in You. Give Judy, her mother and all the family what they need to care for her. In the name of Jesus Christmas your son. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. Michelle's pathology results came back. Miraculously the cancer was not found in her lymph nodes. Praise honour and glory be to You oh God.
My sonSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my son who is facing uncertainty in his relationship with his fiance. Help him and his fiance to discern and that they would be able to overcome any crosses if their relationship is the will of God. AmenThank you Jesus for walking with him.
Safe travelSubmitted By: Anonymous
Dear Father: Thank you once again for everything. I now pray and seek your Blessings for a safe trip as I will be visiting 2 countries shortly. Please protect me from evil and give me wisdom. During my trip, I want to stay safe and healthy and be away from trouble. Me and my friend should have a safe flight back home. Thank you for giving an opportunity to travel. Amen! Dear Father

Many many thanks for answering to my prayer request. Thank you for taking care of me during my trip and returning back to my home country safely. This is possible only because of you, Father. Thank you for everything

Taking a TestSubmitted By: Anonymous
In a few days, I'm taking an important exam to become a licensed insurance agent. Please pray that I do well and pass the test. Thank you very much. God bless your Advent season.Thank you so much for praying for me! I PASSED the test!!!! Thank you dear God!!!
Prayers for My SonSubmitted By: Anonymous
I humbly ask you to pray for my college freshman son. He did not get into the school he wants to be at and is planning to try to transfer. He is so sad about where he is currently and doesn't think he'll be able to leave there. Please pray that he will accept whatever God has in store for him.Thank you for all of the prayers. He finished his semester and is much stronger now.
GingerSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for Ginger's healing and salvation. She has liver cancer and is too weak for surgery or chemo. Thank you for your prayers.Thank you for all your prayers. Ginger passed away peacefully.
HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my colleague's father who was taken ill suddenly and for his entire family that they may experience God's love and mercy. Thank you.My colleague's father has fully recovered. Praise God and thank you all for your prayers.
For safe travelSubmitted By: Diana anon
My husband and I will be travelling next week. Please pray for safe trip to and back home. May our holiday be peaceful and restful.Praise be to God. I will like to thank everyone for their prayers. My husband and i went on our vacation. It was peaceful and safe. We returned home safely. Amen.
successfull oprationSubmitted By: Rose anon
Dear Jesus I come to your feet to ask in special way for my friend's son's successful scalp operation, which will be in the 3rd week of October. Praise you Jesus, thank you Jesus.Dear Jesus I praise and thank you for the successful operation , I thank each and every one for all those who prayed .
Heart catherizationSubmitted By: Terry anon
Please, pray for my Uncle Merlin who has been having some chest discomfort lately and last evening also had tingling in both hands. He had a heart catherization scheduled for later this month, so they moved it up to today, sometime this afternoon. He is understandably concerned. Thank you for your prayers!Praise the Lord, my uncle is going home from the hospital today! The chest discomfort was muscular, not his heart. His veins and arteries have cholesterol build-up, but it’s smooth and therefore slow-growing (because it’s hard for new cholesterol cells to get caught on it and stick). The doctor is prescribing him medicine that will keep his veins lubricated to help this along. He does have 80% blockage at his heart, but it’s only in minor veins.
Back SurgerySubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my cousins 13 year old daughter who had back surgery today. That her pain will ease and that she will heal quickly. Thank you Thank you for the prayers. The surgery was a success and she will go home soon.
Children Needing PrayersSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please offer up your prayers for my son who is supposed to re-take a military entrance exam today. He missed the qualifying score by only a few points last time. Please pray that he will show up and pass the test. Please also pray for my younger son who has been accused of something falsely. Please pray his name will be cleared and that the person who accused him will admit their lie and find peace and leave him alone. Thank you.My younger son's name was cleared of a false accusation. Thank you Jesus.
World PeaceSubmitted By: Anonymous
First let me give thank to our Heavenly Father for all His blessings that He bestows on us daily. I want to live in a peaceful world. Dear Lord please protect and shield us from the elements of evil that roam within this world in which we all live.I want to thank you for allowing me to share this pray for World Peace. I hope that persons would continue praying long after it is close
Financial ProblemSubmitted By: RAVINDRA BABU anon
Dear brother in Christ, please pray for my financial problem.PRAISE THE LORD
Safe deliverySubmitted By: Tupou anon
Our daughter is due for her second baby, please pray that her delivery goes well and safe.Praise the Lord. My daughter safely gave birth to a 4.2kg baby boy. Both are well and healthy. Thank you all for your prayers.
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