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Answered Prayers: Praise God!

Prayer RequestPraise Report
Please pray for my momSubmitted By: Anonymous
My mom has been experiencing lower back pain on her right side since last week and I'm very worried. She will be having a scan tomorrow. Please pray that everything will turn out well and that she will be alright soon. Thank you. My mom has gallstones and is currently taking medication to manage her pain. It's the same for my dad. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying for us.
Traveling mercies and successful result from son’s endoscopy.Submitted By: Judy anon
Traveling mercies as I travel 600 miles to go and return home from being with my son while he has an endoscopy and for The Holy Spirit to guide the men and/or women who will be working on my son during the procedure to keep him safe.

Thank you.
My son’s procedure went as planned and I am safe at home after traveling. Thank you GOD and prayer friends!
Pray for my daughter Submitted By: Julie anon
Please pray for hope and good news awaiting hospital results for my daughter, Marie Louise.Our prayers have been answered. My daughter received good news from the hospital results. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us.

Trust in the lord your God with all your heart.
Urgent Prayers for RyanSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a 31 year old man who has a wife and two children. He is now on life support and they are trying to diagnose what is going on. Their baby is only 5 months old. Pray for him to stabilize so they can diagnose and heal him. Jesus I Trust In You.

Update, found out that he is septic and first hospital never picked up on it, he is in respiratory distress so please continue prayers for Ryan. Thank you.
Thanks be to God, prayers are a powerful tool. Ryan was moved out of ICU and after three days in a room, they felt it better for him to go home for a long recovery. He is now home and will begin his long road, thank you for the prayers and will now offer up my own Prayers of Thanksgiving. Jesus I Trust In You.
17 year old girl and mother need urgent prayerSubmitted By: Anonymous
Darlene had a heart attack and was in the hospital she was in a medically induced coma . Since she is a heavy smoker she is super skinny and doctors say she is so underweight that they can’t do the heart surgery she needs. She has a 17 year old daughter that needs her mother.Her mother passed away! Please pray for the teen 17 year old please
prayers for Terry and RalphSubmitted By: Kathy anon
Please lift Terry and Ralph in your prayers as they travel to Baltimore and offer a presentation at a conference. Please ask for traveling mercies and the power of the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts and minds of those who share the witness of Terry and Ralph. Amen The conference went well, and Terry and Ralph are safely home.

Thank you for your prayers.
Nikka MarieSubmitted By: Anonymous
My granddaughter, 11 year old Nikka Marie, is in the hands of her stepfather. Our communication was cut because he wanted her to watch her sister; cellphone was grounded. Please help me pray for her, and her protection. And for Marc, her friend, who will be my guide for Nikka's whereabouts. Thank you so much.
Thank you so my dear friends in Christ, through your prayers . This will be a great help of my granddaughter, I feel how is depressing she is please let’s contunue to pray for her.God bless.

Teen needs GodSubmitted By: Anonymous
My son just got out of juvenile for attacking us. My pastor is going to counsel him .Mostly he needs God and is going to start classes to get baptized. His dad is very upset; pray for their relationship to heal as well. My son now has a probation officer and feels he has hit a point of no return. Please pray for his mind and his thoughts/ emotions. He's addicted to video games on the phone. Even I have taken it away but he borrows phones from friends. I need find another interest for him. My son is doing better. He does have court March 22nd. I'm hoping for the best outcome for my son. Also this has been a big financial burden to us with lawyer fees/ court fees. My son needs motivation and good mentors around him.
Fredy needs healing of sciatica and chronic coughSubmitted By: Anonymous
Fredy has been sick with his throat and terrible cough waking 10 times a night . Please pray for healing and of his back bad sciatica painCough has been healed! Praise the Lord!
Pray for newborn baby health problems.Submitted By: Anonymous
Pray for newborn baby Collier, born 2-24-18.Thanks be to God. Baby Collier got to go home and is doing better.
Jesse jobSubmitted By: MaryS anon
Please let’s continue to pray for my son Jesse who had a hard time to find a job. He needs our prayers. God bless.
Gone astraySubmitted By: Gerard anon
Oh Lord, please help my son Sherman to return to you. He has lost his job and now lost his faith as well. Please touch him and bring him back to you. Oh Lord we pray.
Thank you Lord and everyone for your prayers. Sherman got a job and the great miracle was he agreed to come to church for a retreat and was being prayed over. I believe the Holy Spirit would have touched him. I believe it would be a new begining for him. Praise the Lord alleluia. Once again thank you everyone for your prayers. God
Thank you Lord and everyone for your prayers. Sherman got a job and the great miracle was he agreed to come to church for a retreat and was being prayed over. I believe the Holy Spirit would have touched him. I believe it would be a new begining for him. Praise the Lord alleluia. Once again thank you everyone for your prayers. God BLESS
Prayers for a 9 Year OldSubmitted By: Maggie anon
Please pray for sweet Jacob. After beating brain cancer at age 4 he was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Last week he had a massive seizure. Please pray that he will gain all of his mental and physical abilities and that God will heal him fully.God has heard our prayers. Jacob is home tonight for the first time since October. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers and thank you to our good and glorious Father forvanswering them.
Opposition at workSubmitted By: Anonymous
I am facing very serious opposition at work. There is a very serious conspiracy at work to get me fired. My role is a very critical one ( procurement) and there are a number of people who are not happy with me because i don't let them have their way to go against the rules . My office has become a place that steals my joy. These people have gone as far as making allegations against me to our compliance office and i'm reliably informed that i'm being investigated. This has caused so much anxiety Praise be to God for He is ever faithful. All the allegations made against me have been thrown out aftermonths of intensive audit and enquiries. I'm really grateful to God and i cannot thank God enough!!!
AddictionsSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please help my sons, Jason and Mark, in abstaining from their addictions of alcohol and tobacco.

Thanking you for responding to my request.
Thanking you so much for all your thoughts and prayers.
EmploymentSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please assist or help Mark in finding suitable employment very soon at his new location.Thanking you for praying for my son and his search for suitable employment.


4 year old, very sick with the fluSubmitted By: Patricia anon
Please pray for healing for little Mikayla. She is 4 years old and very sick with the flu. Thanks and God Bless.Thank you all for your prayers and I praise and thank God for healing little Mikayla. After a few weeks, she has recovered from the flu. God Bless you all.
divine help and direction and healingSubmitted By: Anonymous
For a new job and career path for Keith and Rachel. Good result of histology report for Bruce.Praise be to our faithful and merciful God who heals us. Bruce's histology report was normal. Thank you abundantly for your prayers. Please continue to pray for a job and career for my brother and niece. Thank you.
Lost my temper, worried about my momSubmitted By: Anonymous
My mom has been sick for a week. No more fever, but her cough is still there and I can tell she isn't getting enough sleep over it. I keep telling her to go to a doctor but she just gets mad at me. I couldn't take it anymore and snapped. She said my concern was fake because I don't help with chores, and I told her I couldn't because I'm exhausted from work. I got mad and so did she. I'm very sad that it has come to this. I just want her to be okay, so please pray for her. Thank you. I apologized to my mom this morning. She said okay. We are still awkward to each other but that is okay. It seems she is doing a bit better. Thank you Lord. Thank you also to all who prayed for us. Please continue to do so.
HealingSubmitted By: Isabel anon
I am being screened for uterine (endometrial) cancer via a biopsy on Monday 5/14/2018 at 11:30 am. Please pray that I am cancer free, and to keep my husband healthy from a recent triple heart bypass. I ask this in the name of Jesus, and all the glory to Jesus. Amen.I praise Jesus for all the healing prayers sent. My biopsies are cancer free. The CA125 blood test is negative. This is a healing miracle since my prognosis was not good. Thank you and Praise Jesus. I had my surgeries and am totally healed and have no post-op bleeding, cramping or pain. I have not had to take any pain medications. Less than 24 hours later I was able to attend mass, go to Holy Hour, and attend a 4 day healing mission. God is good, Good is great and blessings to all of your. My prayers are with you as well for any and all healing.
Prayer for HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
My first cousin will be going in for surgery for Endometriosis on Tuesday 1 May 2018. It is my humble prayer that our Dear Lord and Saviour will see her through the surgery and grant her a safe recovery to good health.Thank you all very much for the prayers offered for my first cousin who underwent Endometriosis surgery in May. The surgery went well and she is close to full recovery. Thank you Jesus. God bless you all and thank you very much again.
Praying to all of my dear friendsSubmitted By: MaryS anon
I may not able to read all your prayer requests but I really prayed them in my daily prayers. Keeping in my thoughts always, I personally thank you all who continuously prayed for my son Jesse to get a job, yes as now he is struggling to find a job. And praying for my granddaughter Nikka Marie, Your prayers are the sound of music in the ear of our almighty God, soon He will grant all our prayer intentions. Thank you so much, may God bless us all.thank you for liking it. God bless us all.
Prayer for upcoming surgerySubmitted By: Robert Underkofler anon
I am having open heart surgery to repair my mitral valve and a triple bypass on May 30, 2018Thanks so much for all the prayers from the good news community! It has been just about a month and am on the mend!
Young couple planning an abortionSubmitted By: Patricia anon
Please pray for a young couple who is planning to get an abortion next Mon. or Tues. She is on meds for depression & severe anxiety. Their family has tried everything to convince them not to go through with it, to no avail. They have 2 young children. Thank you for prayers for healing for them and that they will not go through with it, and give their baby life and love.Thank you all for your prayers. May God Bless you. I’m so sorry, but this couple did go through with the abortion. Please pray for God’s mercy and healing and conversion for them.

Speech for a 4 years old boySubmitted By: Roy anon
I would like to request prayers for this little boy, Avaneswarau C. Until now he is not able to speak. Hope a miracle will happen for this little boy to speak in Jesus Name.I thank the Lord from my heart, for letting his wonderful people for praying for the 5 years old boy. Thank you all the wonderful warriors for lifting up the prayers.

Thank you heavenly Father.
Recovery from LupusSubmitted By: Roy anon
Request prayers for Grace D. C. for fully recovery from Lupus.Thank you wonderful warriors for lifting up the prayers for sis grace. Thank you heavenly father for send your warriors to pray for this sister. Praise you Jesus.
Healing for AddictionSubmitted By: Marie anon
Please pray for my son who abuses alcohol and has turned away from our Loving Father. Pray that he will be healed of addiction and be restored to God. Thank you so very much and May God grace you with many blessings. My son is working a treatment plan. Praise Our Lord and Saviour. Please continue to pray for him. God bless you all
Help to find housing for disabled mom with disabled daughterSubmitted By: De anon
You have always been there for me dear prayer warriors, and God. I have days to find housing and I'm afraid they won't except us on SSI/SSDI. Credit score bad due to amputation and couldn't work. No deposit. Franctic we may be homeless. Please pray for us.Thank you beautiful prayer warriors..God has answered the prayers and our landlord has requested we stay in his much stress over now thank you so much!
Please pray for meSubmitted By: Laura anon
Please pray for me. I'm in a desperate situation mentally and spiritually. I need to make some really hard decisions and I feel lost and don't know what to do. Please pray God will touch me and guide me and take away my constant anxiety, fears and worries and to make the right decisions. Please ask Him to reveal Himself to me as Truth. Thank you

I sent this prayer request out of complete and utter desperation the night of July 12 (and I am not what you would call a "believer", although I'm trying to be. Yesterday, the afternoon of the 13th I started feeling a lot more at peace and even if I 'tried" to worry about the current situation (that I've had constant worry about for weeks), I couldn't. Then within the next hour I received emails saying that 3 people prayed for me. And even today, July 14, all of my fear and worry is completely gone (which is what I asked for in the prayer request). I am in shock and still trying to figure this all out but I wanted to say thank you to whoever prayed for me and to ask that you keep praying for me that I make the right decisions and that God will continue to keep the fear and worry that I had at bay and to resolve any lingering fear, doubt, and worry inside. Please pray that He will continue to touch and heal me and I also wanted to add if you could please ask God to heal my eyes, vision and ocular eye pressure and protect my eyes from any further damage and heal my eyes from any damage and vision problems. I have a lot to process after this seeming prayer request answer. thank you again. laura
DadSubmitted By: Anonymous
My 95 year old Dad who lives in Singapore fell last Monday and has been in hospital since. He’s too feeble to go home but is very sad and losing his will to leave. He cannot be discharged unless the family gets a full time maid through the maid agency. Takes time. Please pray for him for quick recovery and for his helper to arrive quickly . Thank youThanks for all your prayers. My dad is better now and has left the hospital for home a few days ago. Not very mobile but is improving. Thanks again. God Bless
My son Submitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my 17 year old son who has been lying and participating in all manners of sinful and dangerous behavior. His dad and I are preparing to confront him with what we know. Pray we do so in love and that the Holy Spirit will guide us in how best to help our son and that the same Holy Spirit will move our son to hear us and change his behavior. Pray that our son will see Jesus in us and want to know and love him more. I am devastated. Pray For us all. Amen.Thank you all for your prayers. My son saw his dad and I were trying to help him and agreed to move with his dad, to a new smaller school in a different town. It's a fresh start for him and a chance to build a relationship with his dad. Please pray for the Lord's favor and guidance to be on my son and his dad and stepmother as we start this new chapter. In Christ name, amen.
EmploymentSubmitted By: Mary anon
I have been searching for employment since October 2017 and been unsuccessful. My credit rating has dropped because of my inability to pay bills timely juggling the little money I had. I recently received a job offer but I am concerned if my low score would screen me out. Please pray that I am able to start this job this new chapter without any hindrance. Please pray that this depression I am in ceases and I can start anew.Thank you all for your prayers ! I begin my new job and this new chapter of my life Monday July 31st. I wish to thank you each individually. The Scripture says in Psalm 2:8, "Ask of Me and I will give you nations." Thank you
Healing and DeliveranceSubmitted By: M.
Please pray for a person who smokes heavily, drinks every night, gambles, curses, swears, gossips, gets angry, and is abusive. Praise God
Pray for Caitlyn - 3 yr oldSubmitted By: Anonymous
Request to pray for Caitlyn. She is fighting for life. She is just 3 years old and has pneumonia. Her lungs are affected and she is on the ventilator. Her family is devastated. Please lift this child in prayer. Thank you.Praise God. We just got an update from the doctor. Caitlyn is responding very well off the ventilator. There is no need for any surgery as of now. She will be on drips for 1 more week and will then be discharged. Post this she will be on antibiotics and then after a month a CT scan will be done to check the improvement or the need for surgery. This is such a relief . Jesus has never stopped being merciful to us. We are soo thankful to God almighty and our lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful miracles that he has been showing us everyday in this difficult time we have been thru. Thanks to mother Mary for interceding on our behalf for the recovery of baby. Thanks to each one of you who have been praying continuously for her and have offered rosaries and masses and vigil for her. Thanks for all the support that you have given us during this long, exhausting period. Do continue to keep her in your prayers and God bless.
Prayer for passing my military classes for promotionSubmitted By: Jessy anon
I was selected for promotion as I’m a military active duty soldier. The classes for my promotion are causing me anxiety and stress and would like for everyone to pray for me so I may pass these classes so I’m able to keep providing for my son. Please dear Lord hear my plea and prayers as well as my heart. Please dear Lord help me pass these classes so I’m able to be promoted. It was you who selected me for promotion; please lead me to pass these classes and let anxieties and stress stop. Amen. Thank you to everyone that prayed for me to pass my classes I did and now just waiting for my promotion. So blessed.
Pray for Mother and BabySubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a mother binu and the baby in her womb as she wants to abort the 11 weeks baby due to issues with her in laws and career. Please pray that she is enlightened by the Holy spirit to keep the baby. Jesus help them both.For it is I your God you created you in your mothers womb and no one can interfere in God's Will. Praise and Thank you Jesus. Thank you everyone for praying is the baby and mother.. She has decided to keep the baby. Thank you.
My houseSubmitted By: Anonymous
Request you to please pray about our house that the tenants will vacate the house peacefully who has been creating lot of issues since last 3 months. He is telling lot of lies every time and not paying rent on time and creating unnecessary expenses and deducting from rent and acting as if he is doing a favour by staying there. We are facing lot of issues with him. We had given him notice 2 months ago to vacate by 31st Aug i.e. tomm but he says to give him one more day. Pls Pray.When God is with us, who can stand against us. Praise and Thank you Jesus for always being faithful. Thank you everyone for your prayers and Thank you Abba Daddy, Jesus, Mama Mary & Holy Spirit for your strong hand of protection over us and our house. God Bless each one of you for keeping us in prayers.
Prayer to find job Submitted By: Anonymous
My son in law, Mark lost his job almost 3 months ago. Could you help me pray for him that he finds another job. He and his wife have a 3 year old boy and she will soon have a second child which is due at the end of January 2019. He and my daughter are feeling helpless now and almost losing hope. They have mortgage and a few expenses that they can hardly manage. Please I ask your help to pray, as I firmly believe that 2 or more people praying that God is with them. Thank you.Hello all, thank you very much for your ardent prayers. My son in law received 3 job offers today, 28 September 2018 after over 3 months looking for a job. He is keen to accept this job being offered by the University. My praise and thanksgiving to Mama Mary for her intercession for this prayer for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank yo so much for everyone involved in the Prayer Ministry. The Lord says: If one or two prayed in my name, I will be there for them. God is good all the time. I understand that sometime we have to experience challenges in life for us to rely solely on our Lord. My heartfelt thank you. More power and blessings to us all. Yours sincerely, Aurea
Pray for Grandpa and DaughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Hello Friends in Christ, I request prayers for my dad who has not been keeping too well, and also for my 2.5 year old daughter down with health, that they may recover soon and be filled with Holy Spirit. Thank you JESUS.Thank you Jesus for taking care of my dad and daughter. Thank you for your prayers.
Safety for SonSubmitted By: K anon
First, I would like to thank all who prayed for my son who moved a couple hours away with his dad after a summer of bad and dangerous decisions. He has done much better in his new school and environment. He is coming home this weekend for the first time since he left. Please pray for his safe travels and that he will be guarded against any old negative people and influences that he left behind. Pray for courage, strength and the Lord's abundant grace and mercy for him. My so came home this weekend and never even mentioned hanging out with old friends. We had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your prayers.
Healing for a friend in hospitalSubmitted By: Helen anon
My work colleague, Nathaniel, is admitted to the hospital and is so much pain that he has to use morphine. There is something wrong with his spine, and they say he has a pinched nerve. Please pray for him and for his family. He is Muslim and I pray that Jesus will touch his heart and heal his body. Amen. Thank you so much for your prayers.I just want to say thank you for all your prayers for my colleague. He passed away early this morning. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace Amen.
Brother - Heart AttackSubmitted By: KH anon
Please offer up your prayers for my 54 year old brother who suffered a heart attack yesterday. He has significant damage and we are awaiting decision on surgery plan. He needs to make some drastic life style changes and I ask you to pray for his recovery and willingness to make some healthier choices and not take for granted the second chance hes been given.Thank you for your prayers. Surgery was successful and he is recovering well. He has a long way to go, but lots to be grateful for and hopeful about.
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