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Helping the underprivileged
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Lord please help the Rio Vista Center where I volunteer. The donations have been scarce. The people who were donating the donated good are having \"issues\" Also when it gets busier there they need more faithful volunteers. Many building violations and codes need to be brought up to date. So basically place needs donations and volunteers.

Answered Prayers: Praise God!

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Prayer for release of financesSubmitted By: Craig anon
Hey guys, please pray for release of money that is due to me. A client in Moscow and a client in Paris are overdue for thousands. I have no way to legally enforce payment either. May the LORD be glorified in the victory that is given to release the funds rightfully due to me.Amen, god has released finances from Paris and Moscow. Money should be coming within 30 days.
Emergency Apartment NeededSubmitted By: Craig anon
Hi guys! So I thought my plan to move to Kiev was LORD ordained. However, God had it in mind to for me to stay in NYC. Now, after giving up my NYC residence, I need to find a new place and FAST. Please pray for a miracle HOME and fast. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Prayer answered! Found a new NYC apartment (room for now) with backyard that's just a 5 minute train ride from Grand Central Station. It's also very spacious by NYC standards.
Pray for my nephew who is hospitalized for the last 6 daysSubmitted By: CELINE anon
Please pray for AJITH who is after an operation of the large intestines. He is still on liquids and has developed phlegm, cough and fever. One of the stitches has got infected and he is always in pain. He was operated on the 18th of May 2017.

My nephew has left the hospital, but his cut is oozing from a side. Due to this he runs a temperature. Please wind up as he has been detected with cancer. Thanks once again for your prayers.
Prayer "K" receives financial sponsorship for runway showSubmitted By: Craig anon
Please pray that "K" (privacy protected) would receive instant sponsorship for a Fashion Scout runway show at Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days. It could be from sponsors in San Francisco, or NYC. The runway cost of 1K euros is already covered, but additional 5K euros is needed to cover clothing and site production. The window of opportunity is fast disappearing. "K" is from a severely economically disadvantaged city in Ukraine. This opportunity could launch her out of poverty. Fashion Scout This prayer has been closed! Thank you.
My son and ISubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my 19 year old son and I. Our relationship has become strained. Please pray that our hearts and minds will be open to each other. Please pray that he will work on improving his health, too. Thank you so much.Thank you for all of the healing prayers for our relationship.
Bipolar son suffering with alcohol and angerSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray that my beautiful boy who was once so sweet and gentle will get help for his bipolar. He doesn't work..angry all the time and drinking everyday. He has an IQ of 150 and is wasting away. His grandmother is sick physically and can't take this heartbreak. Please return him to who he was..sweet gentle and working always. He must seek medical and psych help asap.before its too late.
My son was hired and is now working.
He still needs prayer for anger and depression. Needs to seek professional help. pray that he goes to get help. Thank you!
A peaceful deathSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my 96 year old Mother who seems to be in her last days in this world that she may have a peaceful death, that all family members will be united in love, peace, acceptance and understanding.Thank you to everyone who lifted up this prayer request. After six weeks my wonderful 96 year old mother died very peacefully at 2.30am last Tuesday morning. She had 13 of us 9 girls and 4 boys- so she had plenty of people to attend to her and hold her hand every moment up to her last breath. We thank God for having her for so long.and that we were able to look after her 24/7 at her home. Her loss is only hitting home now that all the friends and family attending the wake over the past few days and the final Mass for her funeral Mass is over. Thanks to all again for all the prayers that carried us through those days and will help us into the future to learn to live without her physical presence now.
DaughterSubmitted By: Laura anon
Please pray for safe travels and for my daughter's wedding which is July 29, 2017. May God be glorified in the sacrament and at the reception and details before the wedding. Thank you for the prayers. GOd provided a beautiful day. Perfect weather, low 80's, it had been 105 the week before. A beautiful Mass and a fun reception. God was glorified! Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. GO God! Also, all arrived and departed. Safely. Thank you merciful Jesus.
Health healingSubmitted By: Precilla anon
Pls pray for me, lost weight and feeling uncomfortable physically, once in a while stomach aches and stomach growling , getting checked on tuesday pls include me in your prayer. I claim healing in Jesus\'s name Amen!!

Praise God and thanks to all who lifted up my prayers! God is our healer, so far all my blood results are good and next check up is on Nov. claiming for a great health!
Prayer for my grandson and his mumSubmitted By: Anonymous
Pls pray for my Daughter in law who has finished her cancer treatment and will be going in for surgery on 2august for reconstruction of her breast.

Please pray for Bessarion her Son who is 7yrs old and is behaving

badly in school and in Sunday schools. He Beats his friends in class and in Sunday school. We are thinking Of not letting him attend Sunday school any more but worried about. His spiritual growth. Please pray for him as his Teachers are very angry and fed up. Thank you .
Thank you for your prayers. My daughter in law will be discharged today. Thank you everyone for your kind prayers. Her operation is a success n she is on the rpad to recovery. Also thank you for praying gor my grandson Bessarion to be good. Will co tinue to pray for him to be a better boy. God bless n thanks alot.
A Friend in NeedSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a dear friend of mine, El. She is facing an impending divorce that is challenging her daily. Her teenage children are acting out against her. Please pray for her daily strength and for her children during this time of great turmoil. Thank you to all of you who prayed for my friend E. Her children have greatly improved and are more respectful to their sweet mother. E is also doing better-strengthened by your prayers.
HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a special friend who has terminal cancer. Let us pray for a miracle for her. She is the greatest of ladies. She was sent home to die. Please put her on all the prayer chains you know of. Let storm heaven for her.My friend passed away. Thank you dear people
Prayers for my inlawsSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my inlaws- that their faith will Grow during this difficult time in their lives. My mother in law is recovering from a major stroke and a fall. My father in law/-pray for him to have patience and for my sister in law who has lost her job. Please pray that they will trust in our Heavenly Father.Thank you For all of the prayers. My sister in law got a job and started last week. My mother in law continues to heal and will be released on Wed. Thank you to our ever loving, wonderful God! He has heard our prayers.
For miracle of lifeSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me i believe the power of prayer can create real miracle .

God please help me to fixed all my life ,out from all my debt,out from all my poverty situation,out from not good situation.I really don't know how to explain but seems i like a bad luck living / negative magnet naturally.God bless me with new real good life,condition,wealthy,happiness and Your glory in my life.Amen.God bless you all in Christ
Please keep praying for me untill miracle happen .Amen
Protect from Diabolical AttackSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for me for protection against diabolical attack that is apparent in my workplace. This person is nasty and abrasive with a streak of meanness that is disrupting the peace of the team. The person is also spreading malicious untruths. Please pray for the person's deliverance of the darkness and at the same time for the people around her to be protected from the darkness. Thank you for lifting us in prayers! Thank you for all your prayers. The person left the organisation in bitterness and had been passing untruths to ignorant parties. Please continue to pray for the bluffs to be unveiled andthe ignorant protected. Amen!
Prayers for my husband to find employmentSubmitted By: Jill anon
Please pray that my husband will soon find employment and that God will help us find ways to continue to take care of our financial responsibilities and our family. My husband has been out of work for a year. We never imagined this would happen or go on for so long. We have one son in college and two other children. Health insurance has become so expensive along with all of our other financial responsibilities. I am so thankful for Good News Ministries and the strength I get from it. I'm so grateful for all the prayers. Sadly, my husband still has not found employment, however, I will continue to pray for God's guidance and grace while we wait for His plan to unfold and for all of those on this prayer list.
another prayer topicSubmitted By: Jeremy anon
this is another prayer requestclosed by administrator.
Daughter wedding delaySubmitted By: Laura anon
Please pray for my daughter, bridget and fiancé Anthony. They were supposed to get married in a Catholic Church 2/3/18. The future groom parents will not come if it is a church wedding. I won't finance or attend the ceremony if it is not in a Catholic Church. A true dilemma for all. And now my daughter is not responding to my texts about things not wedding related. She is a single mom of an almost 5 year old, so many are affected.

God's will be done. Thank you.
My daughter and fiancé met with a priest. And when the priest explained marriage as a covenant, my future son n law wanted it to be in a church so it would not be broken. Praise God. New date, the end of April.
Thank you for your prayers, and thank all priest for saying yes to God’s call.
May God be glorified every day in all of our lives.
Prayers to all of you.
WifeSubmitted By: William anon
Please God would you provide a wife for me. Please I ask. Thank you for your prayers and support. My ex has contacted me wanting to give us another go. I am very grateful. Praise God.
UntitledSubmitted By: Anonymous
i need pray now is very urgent am facing many challenges people has criticize me sabotage me and accuse me of what i dont know about even the barbing saloon i just open last year is not moving again and i have been paying my tithe up till date i need God mercy and intervention over my life this time and i need financial increase and urgent money to settle my personal needs i need God to turn around my situation for good all this i pray in Jesus name AMEN AMEN AND AMEN I Thank God for what he has done for me this season. May he continue to bless and guide Good News Ministries. In Jesus's Name I pray. Amen.
My daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
My daughter was a runaway and now lives with her 19 year old boyfriend. He cheats and lies to her. She takes care of his little sister and theres drug use in the home by his mother. My daughter is trying to fix her life. She’s getting her GED, and needs a job . She wants to come back to Phoenix, they live in New Mexico. She’s needs help getting her life on track.My daughter will be finishing up her GED then moving back to Phoenix! Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers.
Helping the underprivileged Submitted By: Anonymous
Lord please help the Rio Vista Center where I volunteer. The donations have been scarce. The people who were donating the donated good are having \"issues\" Also when it gets busier there they need more faithful volunteers. Many building violations and codes need to be brought up to date. So basically place needs donations and volunteers. Praise Report
They gave out 1350 turkeys and food bags to the needy on Sat November 18.They still need more donations though now that the pantry is empty but what a blessing to feed and give food to all those people. Thanks for your prayers.God bless you all
MarriageSubmitted By: Anonymous
Too many people trying to end my marriage of 16 years.I need any hindrances to my marriage gone,any unlawful soul ties broken.May my husband yearn for me and have a great desire to reconcile and repair the marriage. May he not be angry and be repentant for his actionsMy husband returned on Thanksgiving day and he seems to be reconciling with me and the family. He even went to church with us today. Thank you for all your prayers. To God be the glory.
Prayer requestSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for God's healing, guidance and protection in all areas for everyone in my family, and for us all to use this healing for God.Thank you so much for praying for the given intention and for letting me know that you are praying. I appreciate it more than I can ever say. The prayer request given was a very general one that covers a very serious situation, and it helps so much to know that you are praying. God, please Bless each one of you.
Husband missingSubmitted By: Gayle anon
My husband Seth has been missing for 2 days. He is an alcoholic and drug addict. Please pray for his deliverance, salvation and quick return home. Also pray that he would not lose his job. Thank you.Thank you for praying for my husband who was missing for the past week. By the grace of God and your fervent, righteous prayers, he returned home today. Thank you so very much.
Mrs. CathySubmitted By: Anonymous
She has had 16 surgeries since 2011 and she recently had her top teeth pulled out but she wanted all her teeth pulled out so she could get dentures. But that didn't happen because the dentist said her bottom teeth were good. So now sometimes when she talks her teeth hit her top gums which causes her much pain. She's losing a lot of weight. She says she will go to the state fairgrounds this month where local dentist for 3 days donate their services to the needy. Praying God will help her .


Mrs. Cathy got her teeth at no cost! All is well and the Lord provided all her needs . Praise God!!!!
Mental HealingSubmitted By: Anne anon
Please pray that Jack will stop being addicted to pornography and heal and come back to our dear Lord, Jesus. Please continue to pray for his salvation. He seems to be going downhill fast as he tries to become involved with other women. His family is suffering. God bless you. Amen.Thank you so much for all your prayers. Things are starting to improve bit by bit so please continue to pray for Jack. Thank you and God bless you all.
Please pray for my momSubmitted By: Anonymous
My mom has been experiencing lower back pain on her right side since last week and I'm very worried. She will be having a scan tomorrow. Please pray that everything will turn out well and that she will be alright soon. Thank you. My mom has gallstones and is currently taking medication to manage her pain. It's the same for my dad. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying for us.
EmploymentSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my husband who is waiting on God to bless him with a new job as his position was disestablished. Thanks be to God for answered prayer!
Traveling mercies and successful result from son’s endoscopy.Submitted By: Judy anon
Traveling mercies as I travel 600 miles to go and return home from being with my son while he has an endoscopy and for The Holy Spirit to guide the men and/or women who will be working on my son during the procedure to keep him safe.

Thank you.
My son’s procedure went as planned and I am safe at home after traveling. Thank you GOD and prayer friends!
Pray for my daughter Submitted By: Julie anon
Please pray for hope and good news awaiting hospital results for my daughter, Marie Louise.Our prayers have been answered. My daughter received good news from the hospital results. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us.

Trust in the lord your God with all your heart.
Urgent Prayers for RyanSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a 31 year old man who has a wife and two children. He is now on life support and they are trying to diagnose what is going on. Their baby is only 5 months old. Pray for him to stabilize so they can diagnose and heal him. Jesus I Trust In You.

Update, found out that he is septic and first hospital never picked up on it, he is in respiratory distress so please continue prayers for Ryan. Thank you.
Thanks be to God, prayers are a powerful tool. Ryan was moved out of ICU and after three days in a room, they felt it better for him to go home for a long recovery. He is now home and will begin his long road, thank you for the prayers and will now offer up my own Prayers of Thanksgiving. Jesus I Trust In You.
17 year old girl and mother need urgent prayerSubmitted By: Anonymous
Darlene had a heart attack and was in the hospital she was in a medically induced coma . Since she is a heavy smoker she is super skinny and doctors say she is so underweight that they can’t do the heart surgery she needs. She has a 17 year old daughter that needs her mother.Her mother passed away! Please pray for the teen 17 year old please
prayers for Terry and RalphSubmitted By: Kathy anon
Please lift Terry and Ralph in your prayers as they travel to Baltimore and offer a presentation at a conference. Please ask for traveling mercies and the power of the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts and minds of those who share the witness of Terry and Ralph. Amen The conference went well, and Terry and Ralph are safely home.

Thank you for your prayers.
Nikka MarieSubmitted By: Anonymous
My granddaughter, 11 year old Nikka Marie, is in the hands of her stepfather. Our communication was cut because he wanted her to watch her sister; cellphone was grounded. Please help me pray for her, and her protection. And for Marc, her friend, who will be my guide for Nikka's whereabouts. Thank you so much.
Thank you so my dear friends in Christ, through your prayers . This will be a great help of my granddaughter, I feel how is depressing she is please let’s contunue to pray for her.God bless.

Teen needs GodSubmitted By: Anonymous
My son just got out of juvenile for attacking us. My pastor is going to counsel him .Mostly he needs God and is going to start classes to get baptized. His dad is very upset; pray for their relationship to heal as well. My son now has a probation officer and feels he has hit a point of no return. Please pray for his mind and his thoughts/ emotions. He's addicted to video games on the phone. Even I have taken it away but he borrows phones from friends. I need find another interest for him. My son is doing better. He does have court March 22nd. I'm hoping for the best outcome for my son. Also this has been a big financial burden to us with lawyer fees/ court fees. My son needs motivation and good mentors around him.
Fredy needs healing of sciatica and chronic coughSubmitted By: Anonymous
Fredy has been sick with his throat and terrible cough waking 10 times a night . Please pray for healing and of his back bad sciatica painCough has been healed! Praise the Lord!
Pray for newborn baby health problems.Submitted By: Anonymous
Pray for newborn baby Collier, born 2-24-18.Thanks be to God. Baby Collier got to go home and is doing better.
Jesse jobSubmitted By: MaryS anon
Please let’s continue to pray for my son Jesse who had a hard time to find a job. He needs our prayers. God bless.
Gone astraySubmitted By: Gerard anon
Oh Lord, please help my son Sherman to return to you. He has lost his job and now lost his faith as well. Please touch him and bring him back to you. Oh Lord we pray.
Thank you Lord and everyone for your prayers. Sherman got a job and the great miracle was he agreed to come to church for a retreat and was being prayed over. I believe the Holy Spirit would have touched him. I believe it would be a new begining for him. Praise the Lord alleluia. Once again thank you everyone for your prayers. God
Thank you Lord and everyone for your prayers. Sherman got a job and the great miracle was he agreed to come to church for a retreat and was being prayed over. I believe the Holy Spirit would have touched him. I believe it would be a new begining for him. Praise the Lord alleluia. Once again thank you everyone for your prayers. God BLESS
Prayers for a 9 Year OldSubmitted By: Maggie anon
Please pray for sweet Jacob. After beating brain cancer at age 4 he was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Last week he had a massive seizure. Please pray that he will gain all of his mental and physical abilities and that God will heal him fully.God has heard our prayers. Jacob is home tonight for the first time since October. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers and thank you to our good and glorious Father forvanswering them.
Opposition at workSubmitted By: Anonymous
I am facing very serious opposition at work. There is a very serious conspiracy at work to get me fired. My role is a very critical one ( procurement) and there are a number of people who are not happy with me because i don't let them have their way to go against the rules . My office has become a place that steals my joy. These people have gone as far as making allegations against me to our compliance office and i'm reliably informed that i'm being investigated. This has caused so much anxiety Praise be to God for He is ever faithful. All the allegations made against me have been thrown out aftermonths of intensive audit and enquiries. I'm really grateful to God and i cannot thank God enough!!!
AddictionsSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please help my sons, Jason and Mark, in abstaining from their addictions of alcohol and tobacco.

Thanking you for responding to my request.
My sincere blessings for your help.

Thank you for responding to my request.


EmploymentSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please assist or help Mark in finding suitable employment very soon at his new location.Thanking you for praying for my son and his search for suitable employment.


4 year old, very sick with the fluSubmitted By: Patricia anon
Please pray for healing for little Mikayla. She is 4 years old and very sick with the flu. Thanks and God Bless.Thank you all for your prayers and I praise and thank God for healing little Mikayla. After a few weeks, she has recovered from the flu. God Bless you all.
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