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Prayer for salvation and protection
Submitted By:Angela
Prayer Request:Let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things. Pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; that the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ, false witness, terrorism, witchcraft, hatred, divination and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins.

Answered Prayers: Praise God!

Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing and DeliveranceSubmitted By: M.
Please pray for a person who smokes heavily, drinks every night, gambles, curses, swears, gossips, gets angry, and is abusive. Praise God
Pray for Caitlyn - 3 yr oldSubmitted By: Anonymous
Request to pray for Caitlyn. She is fighting for life. She is just 3 years old and has pneumonia. Her lungs are affected and she is on the ventilator. Her family is devastated. Please lift this child in prayer. Thank you.Praise God. We just got an update from the doctor. Caitlyn is responding very well off the ventilator. There is no need for any surgery as of now. She will be on drips for 1 more week and will then be discharged. Post this she will be on antibiotics and then after a month a CT scan will be done to check the improvement or the need for surgery. This is such a relief . Jesus has never stopped being merciful to us. We are soo thankful to God almighty and our lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful miracles that he has been showing us everyday in this difficult time we have been thru. Thanks to mother Mary for interceding on our behalf for the recovery of baby. Thanks to each one of you who have been praying continuously for her and have offered rosaries and masses and vigil for her. Thanks for all the support that you have given us during this long, exhausting period. Do continue to keep her in your prayers and God bless.
Pray for Mother and BabySubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for a mother binu and the baby in her womb as she wants to abort the 11 weeks baby due to issues with her in laws and career. Please pray that she is enlightened by the Holy spirit to keep the baby. Jesus help them both.For it is I your God you created you in your mothers womb and no one can interfere in God's Will. Praise and Thank you Jesus. Thank you everyone for praying is the baby and mother.. She has decided to keep the baby. Thank you.
My houseSubmitted By: Anonymous
Request you to please pray about our house that the tenants will vacate the house peacefully who has been creating lot of issues since last 3 months. He is telling lot of lies every time and not paying rent on time and creating unnecessary expenses and deducting from rent and acting as if he is doing a favour by staying there. We are facing lot of issues with him. We had given him notice 2 months ago to vacate by 31st Aug i.e. tomm but he says to give him one more day. Pls Pray.When God is with us, who can stand against us. Praise and Thank you Jesus for always being faithful. Thank you everyone for your prayers and Thank you Abba Daddy, Jesus, Mama Mary & Holy Spirit for your strong hand of protection over us and our house. God Bless each one of you for keeping us in prayers.
Prayer to find job Submitted By: Anonymous
My son in law, Mark lost his job almost 3 months ago. Could you help me pray for him that he finds another job. He and his wife have a 3 year old boy and she will soon have a second child which is due at the end of January 2019. He and my daughter are feeling helpless now and almost losing hope. They have mortgage and a few expenses that they can hardly manage. Please I ask your help to pray, as I firmly believe that 2 or more people praying that God is with them. Thank you.Hello all, thank you very much for your ardent prayers. My son in law received 3 job offers today, 28 September 2018 after over 3 months looking for a job. He is keen to accept this job being offered by the University. My praise and thanksgiving to Mama Mary for her intercession for this prayer for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank yo so much for everyone involved in the Prayer Ministry. The Lord says: If one or two prayed in my name, I will be there for them. God is good all the time. I understand that sometime we have to experience challenges in life for us to rely solely on our Lord. My heartfelt thank you. More power and blessings to us all. Yours sincerely, Aurea
Pray for Grandpa and DaughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Hello Friends in Christ, I request prayers for my dad who has not been keeping too well, and also for my 2.5 year old daughter down with health, that they may recover soon and be filled with Holy Spirit. Thank you JESUS.Thank you Jesus for taking care of my dad and daughter. Thank you for your prayers.
Safety for SonSubmitted By: K anon
First, I would like to thank all who prayed for my son who moved a couple hours away with his dad after a summer of bad and dangerous decisions. He has done much better in his new school and environment. He is coming home this weekend for the first time since he left. Please pray for his safe travels and that he will be guarded against any old negative people and influences that he left behind. Pray for courage, strength and the Lord's abundant grace and mercy for him. My so came home this weekend and never even mentioned hanging out with old friends. We had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your prayers.
Healing for a friend in hospitalSubmitted By: Helen anon
My work colleague, Nathaniel, is admitted to the hospital and is so much pain that he has to use morphine. There is something wrong with his spine, and they say he has a pinched nerve. Please pray for him and for his family. He is Muslim and I pray that Jesus will touch his heart and heal his body. Amen. Thank you so much for your prayers.I just want to say thank you for all your prayers for my colleague. He passed away early this morning. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace Amen.
Brother - Heart AttackSubmitted By: KH anon
Please offer up your prayers for my 54 year old brother who suffered a heart attack yesterday. He has significant damage and we are awaiting decision on surgery plan. He needs to make some drastic life style changes and I ask you to pray for his recovery and willingness to make some healthier choices and not take for granted the second chance hes been given.Thank you for your prayers. Surgery was successful and he is recovering well. He has a long way to go, but lots to be grateful for and hopeful about.
A peaceful deathSubmitted By: Gillian anon
Dear Lord, Cathie has bowel cancer that has spread to her liver. The doctors can not do any more for her but keep her comfortable. But You Lord can give her Peace and heal her spiritually. Please hold her in Your arms and give her comfort. Thank you Lord. Amen
Thank you Lord Cathie died peacefully and without pain. I knew I could rely on You Lord, You never let me down. I Love you.Thank you for all the prayers.
Debilitating depressionSubmitted By: Julie anon
My son, Nick, is the father of five beautiful, young children. He has been unable to work at his profession for a few years because of extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Please pray for work that will support his mental health while providing a little income. Thank you and God Bless.Thanks to your prayers and others, my sons depression is under control, and he is able to coexist with it in positive ways.
Finances Submitted By: Chip anon
My business is failing and I need directions from the Holy Sprit.Thank you all!
Pray for RebeccaSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for 3 year old, Rebecca who has been extremely stubborn.. not wanting to eat food and not playing with kids at baby sitting. That the Lord may bless her and heal her mind and free her from fear. Pour out your precious blood on her JESUS.Thank you everyone for your prayers. Rebecca has started eating. Praise God. We have removed her from the Baby sitting coz she is not liking it there.
Praise you Jesus.
CinderellaSubmitted By: Jessy anon
Please pray for my son to get the main part of the Prince in the musical Cinderella. He has been working so hard on his singing that I don’t want him to be so disappointed if he doesn’t get a main part. This will also boost his self esteem. In Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary we pray that my son gets the main part in the school musical Cinderella. Amen.My son didn’t get the main part but he did get a supporting part. Blessed.
Healing for my Grand-daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for Kenzie for her complete healing. May the Lord grant her full recovery.I praise and thank God for His healing grace, my granddaughter is well and recovered from her sickness. Thank you for all the prayers and may the Lord continue to bless us all.
Recovering from illnessSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my sister-in-law who is taken ill and hospitalised again. The doctors do not know what's wrong and running tests. May the Lord grant her speedy recovery and that her faith may be strengthen. May the Lord, our Holy Mother and the angels and saints protect her especially in the night when she has difficulty sleeping. Amen!Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing her as she is on the road to recovery. Please continue to be with her. Amen!
Treatment and Healing for Painful Tongue conditionSubmitted By: Heide anon
Pray that Kristen will find a doctor who can correctly diagnose and successfully treat what appears to be a tongue disease (or cancer). It is very painful for her and is affecting her speech and eating. She has seen 3 doctors who don't know what it is and suggest another doctor. Pray for healing and relief from this painful condition!Thank you for the prayers. The tongue condition appears to be miraculously resolving itself without medical treatment. Praise the Lord!!!
For Peace at HomeSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray that the case filed against me and Rainier be dismissed by the prosecutor. I also pray for my mother, Teresa that all her resentment and anger be removed from her, that she may find in her heart to forgive, that the spirit of peace and love reign in our home. Thank you. Thank for all who prayed for my prayer petition. Our case was dismissed for lack of probable cause.

Harmony and love in our house is now returning as it is before.

Praise God, who hears our prayers.
Medical Board ExaminationSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for Deriz for her forthcoming Medical Board Examination, that the Holy Spirit fills her with the knowledge she needs to complete the test.I praise and thank God for the answered prayer. Ms. Deriz passed her medical board exam, now a licensed doctor. To God be the glory. Our heartfelt gratitude for those who prayed for her.
Negative ResultSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for Emy who suffered continuous bleeding, that all her medical results be negative of cancer and also relieve and strengthen her of her anxiety about her present condition. We praise and thank the Lord for the answered prayer. Ms. Emy medical results are all negative of cancer. To God be the glory. Thank you for your prayers.
Prayer for RaniSubmitted By: Anonymous
Requesting your prayers for Rani's passport to come through this week. A job has been waiting for her but she is stuck because the passport is not in hand. Jesus please work this miracle for us. Lord please help.THANK YOU JESUS and Thank you all for your prayers. Rani has travelled safely and has started with her new job already. Praise God
JobSubmitted By: Chip anon
Dear lord,

Please help me, I have applied for a promotion at work, if it be your will help me to get it. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!
The promotion was given to someone else. I know in my heart that God has a different plan for me. I will continue to trust in God’s plan for me. Thank you for your prayers.
Prayer for Uncle JimSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for Uncle Jim that he may be completely healed. He suffered from stroke with complications in his heart. He can barely breath on his own. The doctor advised the family to be ready for the worst. Please pray also for his family that they may remain faithful to our Lord even in the midst of this suffering.Thank you for your prayers. Uncle Jim has returned to our Creator. May his soul rest in peace.
A New Job For My DaughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my daughter to get a new job. She currently has three hours daily commute to her current job. She is depressed and sick all the time. I would like to offer thanksgiving to God for all the prayers offered on behalf of my daughter. Today, she was offered a new job with great benefits and she is very happy. All praise and glory to God Almighty. Amen!
Praying for good newsSubmitted By: Lisa anon
Please pray for a wonderful young man so deserving of good news. A young man who has been put through hell for over a year but so deserving of goodness. I pray and wish for help praying that good news comes to this polite, intelligent, hard working young man. He is in need of hearing good news so I hope you can help me pray for him. Nothing good has hapoened
StrengthSubmitted By: Anonymous
Since my daughter died I drink when I can't take the intense intense pain. But sometimes I need to know when to stop. I pray for the healing grace to know the difference between comfort and destruction. I'm very active in my church and I am blessed to have been Amanda's mother. But being a widow I just feel like I don't belong anywhere in this world .I just know I love my God and Jesus and ask to get through everyday. God Bless with love AmenI want to thank each and everyone of you who have kept me in your prayers. I have not even picked up a drink in over a week. I would like to keep this up! Thank you and God Bless
healingSubmitted By: Lisa anon
Please pray for Fr. Charlie who has cancer. He had surgery 4 weeks ago to remove a huge abdominal tumor. It was a very big surgery and one they don't do often. He is having difficulty getting better. Hasn't been able to eat yet. Removed a kidney and now the other one isn't working. Need powerful intercessors to pray for him. May the saints intercede and reclaim his healing.Fr. Charlie has gone to be with the Lord! It was Pentecost Sunday and the 35th anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood! Thank you for all your prayers!
My friendSubmitted By: Ron anon
Please say a prayer for my friend Barbara's dog Nana, as she is in critical condition. Her body is fighting an infection and she is running high temperatures. The vet is doing everything humanly possible to help her. She has developed other problems now. We saw her before and she was alert. She is on intravenous antibiotics and intravenous fluids around the clock. Thank you all in advance. Love RonI would like to thank everyone for your Prayers. My friends Dog Nana passed away a couple of days ago.
Financial crisis (emergency)Submitted By: Laura anon
I come once again in complete desperation. My husband and i are so close to being caught up but we are about $500 away from being ok. We keep having to overdraft to pay our rent and buy food. We have 3 small children. Please pray God will make a way where there is absolutely no way. We are doing everything we can but we havent been able to get ahead yet. Both of our accounts are overdrawn and i dont know what to do. We need to be able to pay our july rent and buy food among other bills. Thank yoThank you all so much for your prayers. A friend just gave us the money we needed to fix our overdrafts and make our rent. Thank you and thank God. .
healingSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for complete healing and recovery for brother Rajesh from stomach cancer.July 5 2019 my brother Rajesh passed away pray that his soul rests in peace
KennySubmitted By: Jeanne anon
Would appreciate prayers for safe travels for my brother Kenny who is riding his motorcycle from Ohio to New Mexico from June 28th to approx. July 3rd/r 4th.Praise be to God, Kenny arrived in New Mexico safely! Thank you for your prayers!
My son is sickSubmitted By: Marian anon
My 12 year old son, Philip has had a fever and flu like symptoms for the past 6 days. Please pray for his healing and that he starts to show signs of getting better and that his fever breaks.Thank you for all of your prayers. He is feeling much better.
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