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Good News Ministries is a non-profit organization that accepts donations as support for its ministries but does not require a fee for anything.

Catholic Digital ResourcesMany of our Good News Reflections and WordBytes have been requested for parish use and other church organizations. Since churches usually have budgets for this, Catholic Digital Resources was developed separately as a digital publishing house; it provides Good News content as printer-ready, professionally designed, downloadable resources.

Our speaker stipends for live events hosted at your location are negotiable so that small budgets do not interfere with your evangelization efforts. In fact, we love going to small, poor parishes that normally do not have the opportunity for parish retreats! We make sacrifices so we can serve those who cannot afford other mission speakers.

Mission at Bovina, Texas

Good News online and in-parish seminars, retreats, courses, and parish missions here and around the world. Our speakers for Catholic adult education specialize in teaching the Church documents, Bible study and prayer in accordance with the teachings of the Church Magisterium (see “imprimatur“). Our speakers go into parishes and dioceses to transform lives and increase stewardship. We are Catholic Lay Evangelists who teach from what we have lived, are certified by the Lay Pastoral Institute of the Diocese of St. Petersburg (and the Director of GNM, Terry Modica, has a Degree in Theology), and have served at the parish and diocesan level in a wide range of ministries with a focus on evangelization.

Parish Renewal Services is especially for Catholic parishes that have special circumstances. These services include Catholic retreats and parish missions for building enthusiastic involvement in time, talents, and treasures. We offer a ministry of healing: assisting the clergy and the laity in restoring parish health and holiness in an atmosphere of mutual respect. With the Eucharistic Christ as your Healer and Mentor, we help parishioners and staff identify and draw upon their strengths and vision to build parish unity, excellence in mission, and increased volunteerism, in a spirit of collaboration, healing, and giftedness.

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From a subscriber named Bobby: What I like about GNM, you present the truth in a simple and non-compromising format that anyone can understand.
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