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Help a Seminarian Become a Priest

Help Christian Melendez-Cruz
become a priest

We’re adopting a seminarian!

Christian Melendez-Cruz was born and raised in Puerto Rico, Christian is a seminarian for the Diocese of Yakima, the poorest and smallest diocese in Washington State in the northwest US. The resources in the Diocese of Yakima are very limited. They desperately need more priests, especially those who can teach our Catholic doctrine in a way that it is clear, organized, intellectually accurate, prudent and above all compassionate.

In 2014, Christian graduated with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology to help people heal. Now he hopes he can help people even more effectively as a priest. His ordination is scheduled for 2022.

If you make a donation now to support Good News Ministries, using this link, we will give a generous 60% of it to help Christian Melendez-Cruz become a priest. Please use this link, which designates your donation for this special purpose: Hurry! The Lenten almsgiving ends when Lent ends.

He says, “The idea of being blessed with priesthood fills my soul with joy and I desire to give my life completely to the ministry. As a priest, I want to shepherd the people of God and guide them to holiness. Along with my mental health background, I truly hope to be able to be God’s instrument and help his people with any psychological difficulties. God is the one who illuminates the mind to develop strategies to support the mental health of individuals. Knowing my unworthiness but acknowledging God’s calling, my heart rejoices in the greatness of the Lord.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that he is a man who is very worthy of our support. We want to help shape the future of the Church by supporting someone who wants to be the kind of priest we all seek: a Good Shepherd who has a passion for doing ministry because he truly cares.

Our support will ensure that there is no financial barrier preventing this very special young man from answering God’s call to serve where he’s needed most.

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Christian says: “The generosity of all the contributors allow me to focus on my formation and growth. Thank you for your prayers and donations.”

Seminarian Christian Melendez-Cruz helps children

“I am excited to be able to integrate my profession and experiences as a psychologist into the needs of the diocese. The past two summers I had the opportunity to work at a Literacy Wagon (LW) assisting minors to improve their reading capacities. The LW has integrated a Play-and-Learn program, maximizing learning opportunities in a fun and non-traditional way. I have developed a document explaining how the activities can positively promote appropriate developmental skills and improve the children’s knowledge, an example on how my psychological studies can support the diocese. The LW supports as many as 150 children a summer three days a week at migrant camps throughout the diocese.”

Working in the vineyard

Christian Melendez-Cruz Harvesting applesMost of people in the Diocese of Yakima are Hispanic. Many of them work in the fruit warehouses in the city, and if they’re in rural areas, they are working in the fields and vineyards. As a seminarian, Christian has spent summers working alongside his future parishioners, picking apples.

The seminarians of this diocese are up at 2:30 in the morning, working 9- to 10-hour days, six days a week, harvesting apples or asparagus or working in packinghouses, just like their fellow workers. They are spread throughout the 17,000-square-mile diocese.

This summer placement for seminarians is not about picking and packing fruit; it’s about being side by side with the people we’re trying to reach. So, they’re saying, “If you can’t always come to Mass, then we’re here to be with you right on the working line.” For many of the people that Christian has met, he is the first one from the Catholic Church that they have talked to.

Christian’s personal growth

“My biggest challenge during the first year was adjusting to going back to school after many Christian Melendez-Cruz in the vineyardyears of working. It took me the Fall semester to adapt to my new reality as a student. During that transition, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and my 10-year-old niece had a tumor in one of her ovaries (benign, thanks be to God). Being far away from my family during those hard times placed me in a life-changing situation. I realized that I need to increase my trust in the Lord.”

If you make a donation now to support Good News Ministries, using this link, we will give a generous 60% of it to help Christian Melendez-Cruz become a priest. Please use this link, which designates your donation for this special purpose:

click here to donate now

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