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Families of Aborted Children Praying Together

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Become a member of Families of Aborted* Children Praying Together by submitting this form, even if you are adding a child who was naturally aborted (i.e., *miscarriage). By joining FACPT you are agreeing to pray for today's unborn children who are in danger of dying by natural causes and by parental choice. All personal information is kept strictly confidential and is used for no other purpose.

Your name or initials (kept confidential)
Country and/or State or Province
Name the child (For more than one, return here later)
Year conceived (to the best of your knowledge)

Choose an image to represent this child:


Yes, I make the commitment to pray with this child for the rescuing of today's children who are in danger of being aborted by natural causes and by parental choice, for their parents, and for an increase of awareness throughout my country about the value of all life.

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Families of Aborted Children Praying Together – Join

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