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Special Edition:
Startling prediction about Christmas 2020

Saturday November 28, 2020

ScripturesRevelation 22:1-7
Psalm 95:1-7
Luke 21:34-36

Jesus said, "Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy .... Don't let that day catch you by surprise like a trap.... Be vigilant at all times and pray for strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent...." (From Saturday's Gospel reading)

Reflection for Saturday:
Startling prediction about Christmas 2020

angel proclaiming the birth of Jesus to shepherdsThe Devil took away Holy Week and Easter. Don't let him take away Advent and Christmas too.

WARNING: What I'm going to expose here will disturb some of my readers and embolden others. If you dislike what I write here and feel like unsubscribing, don't let the Devil rob you of the good ways that GNM helps your faith to grow. Consider whether or not God has ministered to you through Good News Ministries in any other way and stick with that.

Before reading any further, humbly ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and enlighten you about this.

God alone is my judge. I must obey him when he tells me to speak up boldly. I will not risk disappointing my Lord by being silent. He knows how much prayer time, study, and discernment has gone into the issues presented below. He knows how I've prayerfully listened to what many other good Christians -- experts who know more than I do -- are saying about the times we're living in.  Too much is at stake now to worry about whether some readers will resist the message and "punish" me by unsubscribing or withholding donations.

Jesus healing a blind man

"Preparedness is a moral requirement for every single person who has ears to hear and a brain in their head" ~ Father James Altman. "As we see the world falling apart all around us, shouldn't we be doing something to prepare? For ourselves ... but also then be prepared so that you can help somebody else. We have a moral obligation not just to be selfishly concerned about myself but everybody else as well. We should be encouraging everybody else to get prepared.... What's coming? Let's open our eyes! Get your head out of the sand, look around you look at the signs of the times."

Right now is the time to prepare. There's little time left. This Advent season will be like no other. Do you know how to read the signs? Right now is the time to prepare for this Christmas because it will be a battlefield. Jesus is of course leading the march to victory; are we following him? Christmas 2020 can become a rebirth of Jesus into the world, but we have to choose to fight with him on the battlefield.

To understand what I'm about to say on this, you'll need eyes that can see spiritual warfare. And you'll need to be the type of person who truly desires to be holy. So let's consider these foundational questions:

  1. Do you know that the Devil is real?
  2. Do you know that Hell is real?
  3. Do you know that the Devil wants to take you and me and everyone you know to Hell? Along with everyone else in the human race?
  4. Do you know that the Devil uses every opportunity to infect politics, the Church, the media, entertainment, and you and me and everyone you care about? And do you know that this makes everything a battlefield and Christians cannot be silent about it?
  5. Do you know that sins -- even small sins -- are open doors of opportunity that the Devil takes advantage of?
  6. Do you know that we are right now in the middle of the biggest battle ever waged by the Devil? Do you know how to recognize it?
  7. Do you know that in Jesus Christ we win this battle if we are prepared and if we are not lukewarm about our faith?

God has been preparing me for a long time. It began long before any of us ever heard of Covid-19 or the Great Reset or the Dominion Voting System. (If you don't know what the Great Reset is and how satanic it is, look it up but be sure to go to holy sources who are seeing it through the lens of spiritual warfare. Do the same if you don't know what is evil about Dominion. The evidence abounds; start with The Epoch Times for fair news reports, PragerU for well-researched videos, and LifeSite News for the Catholic perspective. Don't be afraid to look with eyes wide open. God is calling on you.)

The Holy Spirit began to focus my personal research, a couple of years ago, on what exorcists and others are saying about defeating the Devil. I made some podcasts on the subject, including a series that takes you through a book published by the US bishops on what Pope Francis has said about defeating the devil. See

Many years prior, I worked with my pastor and spiritual director in deliverance ministry. I learned how to recognize and drive off demons. And I extensively interviewed a satanist high priest who converted to Christ. Then Ralph and I moved to Florida and Good News Ministries was born (in January 1995).

Throughout the years, we've had to continually do spiritual warfare to protect the ministry and ourselves. So you see, I've learned a thing or two about recognizing the signs of the battle.

We are in a major battle like none we've ever seen before. All of the Devil's works for the past hundred years or so have brought us to the point where there are few left in the Church who are purely following the Church's teachings. But God is not putting up with fence straddlers anymore (i.e., Christians who prefer to live on the worldly side of the fence yet keep one foot in the kingdom of God, as if that made everything okay; this is the theology of "cheap grace").

The pandemic initiated a Great Purification -- not the Great Reset that the Devil wants. Jesus is purging from the Church everyone who is not willing to become whole-hearted in the Faith, and there's more purification coming. As with any purgatory, it won't be pleasant. So let's prepare. The Devil's attack against Christmas is coming. Let's learn from his attack against Easter.

Those who have eyes to see what's really going on in our world today have good vision because (1) they desire to be holy and they not only profess the Christian faith but live it, (2) they believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, (3) they know the teachings of the Church and live the dogma loudly, (4) they know the value of family life and how grotesquely evil abortion is, (5) they avoid any semblance of idolatry, (6) they teach others the True Faith with clarity, and (7) they humbly desire to see the hard truth even though it's unpleasant and they are willing to listen to those who have been closely watching the battle.

Jesus said, "Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy .... Don't let that day catch you by surprise like a trap.... Be vigilant at all times and pray for strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent...."

Those who have blinders on or are completely blind to the battle will not like what I'm saying. If you are one of the remnant, a true believer, they do not like what you are saying either. And this is a good thing. We need to remember that Jesus said we will be persecuted, and he said, "Blessed are the persecuted."

When we keep our eyes wide open, we can follow Christ to victory. We can hear Jesus our true Shepherd as he gives us military commands regarding what he wants us to do in this battle.

We should not be dismayed by what we see with our eyes wide open. If we keep our focus on Christ, we will see many good things happening because of this battle. We will see the victories that others don't understand. We will see victories that greatly upset the Devil and his human pawns. With eyes wide open we can see that God is working a major plan of great importance, and he is not hiding from us what he is doing and what he has planned. 

Listen to Chris Tomlin singing "Whom Shall I Fear"

When our eyes are wide open, we can see clearly who is fully on God's side and who is not. We can recognize which shepherds are really wolves who have infiltrated God's sheepfold, and we won't make excuses for them but we will oppose their cooperation with the Devil. We are ready and willing to stand against the Devil's attempts to destroy the Church from within.

Those who already have eyes wide open have been praying -- for months now -- for the defeat of evil. We've united in offering up the Rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet, fasting and other sacrifices. The time is upon us where we need to ask: What else does Jesus want us to do?

Right now the biggest question we should be asking is: What does Jesus want us to do if the Devil tries to take Christmas away from us?

Remembering to see the pandemic through the lens of spiritual warfare, we recall Ephesians 6:12, which says, "Our battle is not against flesh and blood humans but with the evil spirits in the heavens." With this in mind, we realize that the Devil was really the one who locked up churches during Lent and Easter (and for some of us the doors are still locked).

We defeated the Devil in our personal lives by experiencing Lent and Easter through live-streamed Masses and by honoring the Faith in our homes. We celebrated that our domestic churches had become more alive and more central to our lives. But is this all that God wants us to do for Christmas? Or is he expecting more because by now we should be much more aware of his battle plans?

The Devil is not backing off yet. So of course he's going to try to rob us of Christmas. "Stop the steal" has become the rallying cry for conquering fraud in the US elections. "Stop the steal" should also be our rallying cry for protecting Christmas celebrations.

Here’s the question that a lot of people are now asking: As civil authorities continue to impose tight restrictions on churches, when will Catholic bishops encourage civil disobedience? In France where churches have been shut down again, Bishop Ginoux of Montauban is urging the faithful to show up for Mass. He says, "invade the churches at Mass times. Ask for the Mass and bishops and priests will come to celebrate it."

I sure hope he's right! He should be right. Everyone who has eyes wide open felt scandalized during Lent when so many bishops agreed with government directives that blocked us from accessing the sacraments. If it happens again I want to be ready.

Are you with me?

What can we do to stop the Devil from stealing Christmas? Let's look at advice from our captains in the army of God:

"The lay faithful today have a sacred task: to comfort good priests and good bishops, gathering like sheep around their shepherds. Give them hospitality, help them, console them in their trials. Create community in which murmuring and division do not predominate, but rather fraternal charity in the bond of Faith. And since, in the order established by God, subjects owe obedience to authority... when it abuses its power... we must not rebel, but oppose; we must not be pleased with the errors of our pastors, but pray for them and admonish them respectfully; we must not question their authority but the way in which they use it." ~ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (for more on this, go to

"In a time of pandemic, we must make more, not less, use of prayer, processions, penances, liturgy, and sacraments. In a time of spurious pandemic, we must make war against exaggerated restrictions and unjust cancellations, supporting those who creatively and courageously work around them and behind them." ~ Peter Kwasniewski, Thomistic theologian and liturgical scholar (See

And here are recommendations from other holy priests, bishops, cardinals and the lay faithful:

1. Inundate your bishop's office NOW with letters begging him to defy politically-motivated shutdowns of our churches.

2. Do not be afraid of martyrdom. This is how the Church has always won big victories and huge growth.

3. Pay attention, with eyes wide open, to how the Devil is shooting fear at us like bullets, and remember the many scriptures that say, "Be not afraid!" For example: The daily numbers of how many are affected by Covid-19 are exaggerated to make it seem more dangerous than it is. Why? Because the Devil is trying to prepare us to cooperate with the Great Reset. (I'm not making this up and I'm not a conspiracy theorist.) Stop watching the numbers. If the same news charts were to report, day after day, traffic accidents and the number of those hospitalized and the number of deaths each day, we'd become afraid of our own cars.

4. We need to use common sense and critical thinking skills and supernatural discernment through the Holy Spirit regarding what the news media and governments are reporting. We need to think for ourselves what is a sensible way to deal with this virus, rather than blindly obey those who are not concerned about the teachings of the Church (especially in regards to the Sacraments).

5. We need to think rationally and with an anointing by the Holy Spirit about what it means when churches are shut while stores are allowed to be open. This is a clear example of persecution against Christ, against us who are true Christians, and against the Church. 

Here's a big clue that the Devil, not common sense, is behind the closing of churches: When civil authorities limit the number of people allowed to worship together and choose a number rather than a percentage, it is evil. For example, it does not make logical sense to limit attendance to ten people. Ten people in a large church and ten people in a small church should not be treated equally. What does make sense would be to limit it to 10% of the church's capacity. I don't know about you, but I have yet to see this common sense approach. With our eyes wide open, we now realize that people of faith are being persecuted. And so what are we going to do about it?

6. Do not be tricked into believing that it is the Lord God who wants to keep us from Holy Mass and from the Eucharist -- ever! We need to join public Eucharistic processions if this is available to us. Praise the Lord, there are now some bishops and priests who are providing Eucharistic processions! If it's not happening where you are yet, ask for it and get your friends to ask too, and their friends and more until all the faithful followers of Christ have joined together in the battle against evil.

7. We need to keep praying the Rosary but we need to do it as a community, in person, in a boldly public display of our stand against evil. If our parish churches are closed, we should do a Rosary campaign ( marching around the perimeter of the church campus.

8. If your church is closed, get as close to the Eucharist as you can get, kneeling by the locked door nearest to Jesus.

9. Stay informed about Covid-19 vaccines. Watch the video Abortion-tainted mandatory COVID vaccine would be the beginning "of the Apocalypse" by Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

10. We have to be willing to follow Jesus all the way to the Cross. We need to expect persecutions to increase and not be afraid to become bolder and more public in our stand for Christ. And we need to do this with joy because we know it is good to be on Christ's side of the battle. 

And if you need any further encouragement, remember this: Jesus desires to give himself to us in the Holy Eucharist in the context of Holy Mass. Any sufferings we go through as a result of opposing the obstacles to holy worship are a martyrdom that will definitely cut short our purgatory time.

Christ will give us his own holy boldness if we are willing to fight this battle. Christmas is coming and the devil will do everything he can to ruin it for us. But we are not going to let him! In and through Jesus Christ, we are not going to let him take Christmas from us.



God bless you!

Every morning, I lift up in prayer everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica, Executive Director
Good News Ministries

Keep your eyes on Jesus!
And when you have to look at others, see them through his eyes.

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