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  • Reflection for Saturday: Prepare for a greater activation of the Holy Spirit
  • Inside the Ministry: Special Rosary for Conversions
  • Footsteps to Heaven podcast: What’s blocking supernatural faith?
  • A Prayer for Saint Joseph the Worker

Saturday May 1, 2021
Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

ScripturesActs 13:44-52
Psalm 98:1-4
John 14:7-14

"Amen, amen, I say to you, [insert your name here]: Because you believe in Me, you will do the works that I do, and you will even do greater ones than these" (adapted from Saturday's Gospel reading).

Today’s Prayer:
My Lord, may my works speak louder than my words, may my life shout higher than my voice, and may I let Your Spirit work more good deeds through me. Amen.

Reflection for Saturday:
Prepare for a greater activation of the Holy Spirit

people studyingThe Holy Spirit has been taking me on an intensive course of study that is meant to help me become obedient to the calling of every Christian. We've named this course "How to Be a Normal Christian", because Jesus said, "Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these."

Haven't most of us been living in a church culture that is sub-normal? "Normal" is what we see exampled in the Book of Acts.

Last weekend I unexpectedly found myself alone in a quiet place. The Lord wanted to use that time to continue our course. He had me learn from the examples and testimonies of those who are already very activated in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. I asked Him to choose which videos I should watch on YouTube, and then I looked at what popped up as suggestions. Based on my past viewing choices, YouTube's algorithms played a part in what popped up, but I also asked the Holy Spirit, "Which ones, Lord?"

I chose the ones that felt like was Jesus jumping inside of me, waving his arms and cheering, "This one! Watch this one next!"

Every one of us is being called to submit to the Holy Spirit's classes and the desire of Jesus to do great works -- even supernatural works -- through us. This is the season we are entering! As the world continues to get darker and scarier, the Light of Christ must shine through us more brightly. It must! It absolutely must! And we need to repent of not doing enough yet to open ourselves to becoming a "normal" Christian. We need to repent of believing the demonic lies that have kept us and much of the rest of the Church from being fully Christian, supernatural Christians.

God has allowed the pandemic to test us. Do we trust more in masks and vaccines than in the Lord? (Note: I'm not advising anyone on whether or not to get vaccinated; I am however strongly advising that we each consult the Holy Spirit about it, waiting on confirmations so we know that the reply is not just our own imagination.) How bad must the pandemic get before we do what the Church used to do during plagues (public Eucharistic processions, running into the parish church to pray as a community, receiving the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick with miraculous results, etc.)?

We need to repent of not believing that Jesus is fully and supernaturally present in the Eucharist and in the Anointing of the Sick. We need to repent of disbelieving Jesus when he said, "If you believe in me you will do the same and greater works than what you've seen me do." We need to repent of the mediocrity that allows us to feel okay about disbelieving Jesus.

We need to repent of relying first on ourselves, on medical experts and on the government before turning to God.

We need to repent of feeling satisfied with impotent evangelization, i.e. telling non-believers the teachings of the Faith while lacking the signs and wonders that would convince them that the Faith is true.

We need our priests to hold penance services that call everyone in the parish to repent from all of the above.

I've been doing a lot of repenting over the past few weeks while going through the Holy Spirit's course on "How to Be a Normal Christian". There is going to be a new out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, bigger than ever before because the world is darker now than at the time of the first Pentecost and there are many more people alive now through whom Jesus can work his miracles. Now is the time to prepare for it. We prepare by first wanting to be part of it, and the second step is repentance.

Inside the Ministry:
Our Special Rosary for Conversions

Pray the Luminous Mysteries of the RosaryOn May 18, let's join up to pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary for the conversions of your loved ones who have been rejecting Christ, and for the lost loved ones who are sorrowing your brothers and sisters in the Church, and for your neighbors, and for politicians and other influencers who have been working against Christ, and for everyone who has been enslaved by the Devil throughout the whole world. 

The special prayers added to this Rosary for Conversions will activate your faith to bring you into a higher level of serving as the Light of Christ in our darkened world.

Each mystery and it's special prayers will be posted on May 18th at SmartCatholics. As you complete each decade of the Rosary, post a comment (even if just "Amen!" or "Done!"). Feel free to also share the names of people you're praying for, so that the community will join you in praying for them.

Mark your calendars!

Join us in SmartCatholics @ for the live community event. Or do it on your own any day @

Footsteps to Heaven podcast

What’s blocking supernatural faith? (podcast)

When we identify the sin that interferes with our faith in God, we can overcome it to grow in holiness and live the way God intended — with the same miraculous faith as the first Christians that we read about in the Book of Acts. The biggest sin is culture-wide, it has infiltrated the Church, and we easily give into it every day. We can change that! And in so doing, we will become more alive in the faith and – if enough of us repent from this sin – we will transform the world.

Listen to this podcast @

A prayer for Saint Joseph the Worker

Saint Joseph the WorkerGod My Father, the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker was instituted to draw attention to the dignity of labor, and to remind us of the spirituality of our jobs. I give the workers of my family and circle of friends—and their jobs—to Saint Joseph’s intercession, and I especially ask for his prayers in the protection and guidance of husbands and fathers. Help us to view these men—and all workers—with the same appreciation as You have, O Lord. Teach us to prioritize our jobs rightly, for the sake of loving our families, and lead the unemployed to work that is right for them. Saint Joseph the Worker, pray for us. Amen.

For more on Saint Joseph, visit our page on Saint Joseph for your home and family >>

God bless you!

Every morning, I lift up in prayer everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica, Executive Director
Good News Ministries

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