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Smart CatholicsSmartCatholics is like a holy, safe alternative to Facebook but with an emphasis on learning. Join the Good News Ministries community on the SmartCatholics Network today. It’s free!

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After you open your account, look for “Groups” in your sidebar menu to find Good News Ministries. Click “Members” in the sidebar, search for “Terry Modica”, and say hello.

Terry Modica, Executive Director of Good News MinistriesBy joining, you’ll have direct access to GNM founder/director Terry Modica. You’ll make new friends. You can see Good News posts of the daily reflections, the saint of the day, prayers, and more.

You will also have access to wonderful online conferences and workshops by Good News Ministries and other great Catholic speakers. Many videos are free. Premium content costs only $10/month. Or you can buy the premium content of any one conference for just $25. And whenever Good News Ministries holds an event, a portion of the fees comes back to us. 

Why is GNM collaborating with SmartCatholics?

Previously, we published our courses in our Paracletia site and in our podcast show Footsteps to Heaven and in other podcast shows. But these are not as interactive as we’d like. We want you to be part of a community that’s built around course topics.

Terry Modica first learned of SmartCatholics when she was invited to give a 15-minute presentation for the November 28-29 conference called God Is Mercy.

Very impressed with SmartCatholics, Terry met with the founder Dominic de Souza and formed a bond of ministry collaboration. In addition to creating the GNM community, we are using the platform of SmartCatholics for producing conferences and courses. Join our SmartCatholics community to get notifications about upcoming events.

Join @ After you open your account, look for “Groups” in your sidebar menu to find Good News Ministries. Click “Members” in the sidebar, search for “Terry Modica”, and say hello.

SmartCatholics is the best place for those who want to learn more about our Faith while being part of an interactive community. There is no other online Catholic conference site that does this. And it is so very easy to use.

Although it comes with an app, if you cannot install it, that’s okay. Anyone with an internet connection can access the website.

Dominic de Souza, Founder of SmartCatholics“Young Catholics today are looking for the same thing that every young person looks for; a real, integrated experience of life,” Dominic says. “What we need to show the world is that being Catholic actually means checking into reality, not checking out! We live a sacred pilgrimage, but this Creation is also our home, and God’s temple. This is why SmartCatholics is so glad to support Good News Ministries, because we’re helping people to engage our brains and warm our hearts to the living presence of Christ.”

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