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Short, uplifting messages to boost your faith: Christian truths and spiritual “Aha!” moments that apply directly to your life, your hopes and dreams, your heartaches, and your desire to know God’s love more deeply. (Daily except weekends)
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Follow the hidden path

When what you’re doing is familiar, part of normal routine, it’s easy to know what to do on each step of the way.

It’s a lot more difficult when something comes up that breaks the routine. Faith, prayer, and discernment are required to proceed.

This is when you discover the hidden path that leads to an unexpected calling. A surprise blessing. An advantage that you hadn’t noticed before.

Don’t look back. God is no longer in the old routine that you wish to return to. Pray. Listen. God is on the move!

It’s an adventure to some of us, a worry to others. Which way do you want to live? Which is more valuable?
Journey or Destination

Which is more enriching to you: the journey or the destination? We focus on the destination. We are eager to reach the destination. But when we walk with the Lord, the journey is more important than the destination.

Whether the destination is a goal or a healing or a place, God has much to teach us along the way. Impatience is the enemy of having a full life. It’s the obstacle to receiving from God all the blessings that he wants to give us.

Rather than curse the darkness of an incomplete journey, and instead of getting mad at God because he is not doing what we want him to do fast enough, we do well to embrace the cross that we carry on the way to the blessings that we hope to receive. For there is no way to reach new life — the resurrection that comes from following Christ — without first going through the cross.

Stay the course, trust God and his timing and his unimaginably huge concern for you. Then someday you will look back and be extremely grateful.
Go against the grain

To grow in faith, we need to be willing to “go against the grain”. It’s easier to “go with the flow”. We have comfort zones that we like to stay in, but it doesn’t require faith to live there. When we go against the grain of society — making decisions and going in directions that are not what the people around us believe is right, we meet with resistance. It’s not easy. It’s uncomfortable.

But that’s where Jesus is!

We should not be surprised by the resistance we get. We are going to encounter difficulties and possibly get “splinters” that hurt us. Remember that going against the grain of the world means you are closer to Jesus than those who choose to go with the flow of the world.
Divine power of fellowship

We seldom realize the extent of divine power that’s available to us in the fellowship of other faith-filled Christians. We are too used to living individualistically. We’ve been convinced by our contemporary culture to idolize self-sufficiency.

Scripture repeatedly gives evidence of the importance of belonging to a community. The fellowship of fellow believers is part of God’s plan for bringing the Kingdom of God into the earth.

Jesus surrounded himself with disciples, not just for the purpose of training them to build the Christian Church, but also for the sake of personal friendships that enhanced his own life. Each member of his community had unique identities, and he valued each person individually. And he gave them the collaborative purpose of spreading the Kingdom of God and the salvation of Christ.

We make a much bigger difference in the world together than we could ever accomplish alone.
Perceived misperceptions

Some of the people you care about doubt you. They have misconceptions — perceived misperceptions — about you.

Because we love Christ, we want to be the best Christians we can be. He delights in helping us grow stronger in faith. His Holy Spirit teaches us what we need to know so we can become more like Christ. The Church he founded when he gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom teaches us how to live out the truths that fill the Bible.

Our world today is filled with objections to all of this. Many truths don’t fit into the choices and lifestyles that seem to make more sense. So, if we stand firm in the Church’s teachings, we are perceived as unloving, prejudiced, and cruel. We are accused of believing misperceptions while our accusers refuse to consider the possibility that they themselves might be misunderstanding a truth.

There is no way to earn their trust. We must accept that it’s okay to be doubted, that it’s the Holy Spirit who changes the hearts and minds of others, not us.
Worry is not your ally

Worry is not your ally. Stop listening to what it’s telling you. Worry is a skinny little kid who pretends to be your friend but is really a bully. If you give him a seat on the opposite end of your see-saw, he weighs you down. You’re stuck in the down side. Your life is unbalanced.

To even things out, ask Jesus to ride the see-saw with you. You will discover that Jesus’ love for you far outweighs whatever you’re worried about.

The bully will get tossed off the ride. Don’t invite him back. Keep your focus on Jesus.
Be patient with yourself

Why is it difficult to be patient with yourself?

“You can be certain that what most assures us of perfection is the virtue of patience. If it is necessary to practice it with other people, then it is indeed fitting that we exercise it toward ourselves as well. In fact, people who aspire to a pure love for God need more patience with themselves than with others.” (St. Pio of Pietricina)

If it bothers you that you’ve made mistakes, praise the Lord and sit awhile with him until you feel his patience with you. Learn from the mistakes and see these lessons as extremely valuable. Forgive yourself so you can apply these lessons aptly.

If you feel remorse for sins you’ve committed, praise the Lord, go to the Sacrament of Confession, and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you against temptations. Forgive yourself, because when God forgives you, who are you to say that he is wrong to do so?
Tough times? Rest with the Lord

You’ve been through some very tough times.

Protect your energy today.

Spend a little extra time with the Lord.

Christ is your strength.

He is also your resting place.
Facing multiple challenges with strong faith

When challenges multiply after an important decision is made and acted upon, consider the timing. It’s not coincidental.

Challenges are a test to help us see how committed we truly are to the new path that’s being forged by the decision.

Challenges are an exercise program to strengthen our resolve and build a stronger relationship with the Lord who has guided us onto this new path.

Challenges are an obstacle put up by an enemy of faith, trying to veer us off course. And Jesus will use it to increase our faith as we persist in staying on course.

Challenges are tough times, but they’re good. Their benefits will become clearly known after a season.
Your unique gems

God reveals your unique and important gems in the dark places of trials and sufferings.

These gems are revelations that he wants you and others to know.

He has given you the honor of being sent ahead on the journey to find these treasures so that first you and then others will benefit from your unique understanding, which will come from your unique circumstances.
God’s desire for you

Faith is relationship of desire. It’s the gift received from loving God with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole soul because we desire this relationship more than any other.

When what we do is motivated by our love and devotion for God, we have faith strong enough to get through any trial with grace, wisdom, and even joy.

When what we pray for is motivated by our desire to know God intimately, rather than merely to get something from him, we have faith that can move mountains.

This is where God desires us to be.

Tell the Lord today and every morning that you love him and want to know him for who he is rather than for what he can do for you.
Turn fear knots into fear nots

Fear ties our faith into knots.
When we loosen our fears with
Bible study and prayer,
become FEAR NOTS.
Making it easy to change

Change is difficult, sometimes nearly impossible. But with God, nothing is too difficult. Nothing is impossible with God.

Ahhh, but taking time each day to pray for divine help in making changes requires making a change in daily routines. So right now, ask the Holy Spirit to help you make this change.

And then make an action that moves you one step closer to one of the changes you hope to make, praying in the Spirit the entire time, thanking God for his help.

Knowing that God’s Spirit is helping us is 50% of the victory. Each time we pray in the Spirit while struggling against the temptation to resist change, the percentage increases. Keep at it and it becomes easier and easier, and before we realize how much we’ve changed, we’re living a new life!