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Short, uplifting messages to boost your faith: Christian truths and spiritual “Aha!” moments that apply directly to your life, your hopes and dreams, your heartaches, and your desire to know God’s love more deeply. (Daily except weekends)
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Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ! We thought you'd like to know the latest news that's happening in Good News Ministries. Therefore, we've got a channel just for that.

This week's INSIDER'S VIEW newsletter has :

"Be not afraid to speak the truth"


A new email ministry: "Heroes of the Faith"

To read about it, join

Deepen your faith by using our Saints Resources.

Have you noticed? The battle against evil in today's upside-down world is being aided by the entire Communion of Saints.

Lately I've been sensing a vast network of Holy Saints. It's like an ocean of waves and undersea currents; the Saints are not idle. They have work to do in God's mission of purifying the Church, restoring people to the Faith, and bringing sinners to repentance. They are excited about what Jesus in his great mercy is planning. They are involved in his plan along with you and me and everyone else in the Communion of Saints.

Who is your patron Saint? Which Saints have appeared in your life by influencing you? They are joined to you in your prayers and the holy yearnings of your heart. They are aware of your worries and fears. They are helping you.

The staff and I have been working diligently on a complete upgrade of GNM's Saints Resources @ There, you can use our comprehensive list of Saint names, their meanings, their feast days, and information about their lives. Use this to:

-Choose a name for your unborn child.
-Choose a Saint for your Confirmation name.
-Find the meaning behind your name or the name of your patron Saint.
-Meet more Saints.

☆ Search saints by names for girls (

☆ Search saints by names for boys (

The new Calendar of Saints @! Look up today’s date, your birthday, or other special dates and find a Saint and prayer or quote for that day.

Strengthen your faith from the examples of the "Heroes of the Faith"

This new email ministry provides prayers for and quotes by Saints who are heroic examples of how we are called to live in today's crazy and scary world.

Sign up today @
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