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News from Good News Ministries:

  • Important book republished: My Soul Shall Be Healed
  • This week’s recommended video: The Catholic Eucharist explained in 60 seconds

Important book republished!

My Soul Shall Be HealedI’m excited to announce that my book, MY SOUL SHALL BE HEALED, has been republished by En Route Books and Media as a workbook! And now a discount is also available.

My Soul Shall Be Healed is an easy-to-understand study guide on Ecclesia de Eucharistia (The Church of the Eucharist), a wonderful encyclical of Pope Saint John Paul II. It’s designed to be used in parish study groups, although individuals will certainly enjoy it too.

Please forward this news to your priest and director of faith formation. Parishes receive a 30% discount. Schools receive a 20% discount on orders of any size.

Now more than ever Catholics need access to clear teaching on the TRUTH about the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Did you know that attending Holy Mass is meant to heal our souls? How does the Eucharist make this happen?

My Soul Shall Be Healed explains it in ordinary language. You’ll be able to apply it to your every-day life in today’s world. You’ll discover how to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist. You’ll learn why Catholicism teaches that the Eucharist as the “source and summit of the Christian life”. You’ll find out – with clarity — what Catholics believe and do not believe about the Eucharist. And you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the reason why only Catholic priests can consecrate the communion elements alongside the important role you have, with the whole community, in the Eucharistic celebration.

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The Catholic Eucharist explained in 60 seconds

Why do Catholics do that?!? In this 60-second video about the Eucharist explained, we answer: Why do Catholics believe the bread and wine become the real body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ?

This short video also explains why we call the Eucharist “communion”.

Watch it now at And share it with others! It’s so short but powerful, it’s perfect for social media.

Prayer Room

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