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Monday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time
Good News Reflection for today

Today's Good News Reflection

"Everything we do should reveal the light of Christ. "

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We are Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay, Inc., founded in 1995 to disciple (teach, build faith, grow spiritually) the Catholic faithful to reach (find, evangelize, invite) those who are inactive or barely alive in the Good News.

We do this by using technologies that make the faith accessible to everyone, including people around the world who don’t have a parish to go to or parish programs available to nurture their faith.

We’ve been pioneering the use of technology since 1996 to deliver Catholic faith-building services. With the vision to identify how to use it early and often, we have been successfully giving Jesus Christ to people who are not otherwise reached by traditional methods, on a global scale.

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We inspire Catholics to become fully alive as Christians, growing in holiness, deepening their prayer life, and developing a personal relationship with Jesus who gives us salvation and with the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live the way Christ calls us to live.

First we help Catholics to discover how passionately Jesus cares about them. Then we teach them to share their faith by using the gifts and talents and experiences and skills they already have. Join with us in renewing the face of the earth!

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