When you donate to Good News Ministries, you empower your own breakthroughs and give the gift of faith to others.

For large donations, we recommend using Wise, an easy-to-use international wire transfer that costs the least in processing fees. (Credit cards for large amounts are most costly.) Use wisegiving @ gnm.org as the recipient. If you also need our routing and account numbers, download the info here.

NOTE: If you get “ACCESS DENIED” while using the above form, it’s because your country has been the source of a lot of fraudulent credit card charges. SOLUTION: Use a proxy server or switch to Wise, an international wire transfer that works very easily; download the Wise transfer info in the green box below.

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* Be aware the PayPal is a corporate sponsor of abortions through
Planned Parenthood. If possible, please use the alternatives above.

Why support Good News Ministries?Why support Good News Ministries? Who benefits?

When you donate to Good News Ministries, you become a partner in sharing the Light of Christ where evil has corrupted the world and even infiltrated our own families. We can only continue this ministry thanks to Champions of the Good News like you! [Find out more…]

Read testimonials about the difference you make.

Give and receive a faith-boost!

Ralph & Terry ModicaTo see how the founders (Ralph & Terry Modica) overcame their own fears about sacrificial giving, read their personal testimony.

Testing God With My Finances (Nancy’s story)

The decision that makes the difference (Fernando’s testimony of miraculous faith)

Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay is a non-profit (IRS 501C3) in the United States of America. Financial donations by U.S. citizens might be fully deductible for federal tax purposes, under section 170 of the ‘Internal Revenue Code’. Donations are tax deductible for US residents.

Together we can change the world for Christ

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