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What is Good News Ministries?

Good News Ministries
What and Who Are Good News Ministries?

Hear the story of Good News Ministries from an interview of co-founder Terry Modica on her diocese’s radio station.

Our Mission:

We disciple (teach, build faith, grow spiritually) the Catholic faithful to reach (find, evangelize, invite) those who are inactive or barely alive in the Good News.

We do this by using technologies that make the faith accessible to everyone, including people around the world who don’t have a parish to go to or parish programs available to nurture their faith.

We’ve been pioneering the use of technology since 1996 to deliver Catholic faith-building services. With the vision to identify how to use it early and often, we have been successfully giving Jesus Christ to people who are not otherwise reached by traditional methods, on a global scale.

We change the world by changing hearts for Christ:

We inspire Catholics to become fully alive as Christians, growing in holiness, deepening their prayer life, and developing a personal relationship with Jesus who gives us salvation and with the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live the way Christ calls us to live.

First we help Catholics to discover how passionately Jesus cares about them. Then we teach them to share their faith by using the gifts and talents and experiences and skills they already have. Join with us in renewing the face of the earth!

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Be a Good News missionary without leaving home

Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay was founded in 1995 by Terry and Ralph Modica in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. Our staff and volunteer team serve from across the US and around the world. The Executive Director Terry Modica is an international speaker and author.

Why we are passionate about our mission

There are too many people who are turning their backs on Christ and Church and their own salvation. The numbers have been increasing and the world is worse off for it. Meanwhile, there are too few passionately committed disciples of Christ embracing the mission with their whole heart and soul and life. If we allow Good News Ministries to slow down or shrink (there is no such thing as plateauing and staying there), we sin greatly and we will be accountable for the souls that we could have reached but did not. (Wow, ouch! Imagine dying and discovering how many souls failed to reach heaven because of you.)

The word that the Lord has given to us and confirmed and re-confirmed down through the years is that we must reach out and find people who are not being served well by their local churches, and those who are not interested in going to church, and those who are hurting and seeking the Lord. Since 1999, we have relied heavily on the written word via email broadcasts and several websites, but younger generations are not using these tools like older generations do.

God is a God of more. There is much, much more that needs to be done for his kingdom in this world today. So much darkness, yet so few are spreading the Light of Christ! The founding director, Terry Modica, says, “I will work hard to spread that light all the way to my dying breath.”

The question is, can we afford to keep doing this work? After going deep into prayer about it, the Lord reminded me: With the current level of faithlessness in the world, we cannot afford to not do this.

Please pray about becoming part of the team one way or another. Will you give God your enthusiastic, whole-hearted yes?


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From a subscriber named Bobby: What I like about GNM, you present the truth in a simple and non-compromising format that anyone can understand.
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