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June 20, 1955 – February 5, 2024

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How God introduced me to the man I would marry

by Terry Modica

Ralph and I were high school sweethearts. We met in Public Speaking Class. At that time in our pre-evangelized lives, it was impossible to even imagine that someday we’d be teaching evangelization schools, preaching in parish missions, and directing retreats. But God imagined it! He began preparing us for Good News Ministries more than 20 years before it began! The year: 1972. I was a Protestant traveling a path away from Jesus as I messed around with the occult, and Ralph was a Catholic who rarely attended Mass.

Two months after we shyly worked up the courage to say hello to each other, we knew we were in love. I told him that I would only marry someone who shared my spiritual beliefs, so he joined me in my Presbyterian church services. I gave him a copy of an easy-to-read bible (paraphrased to read like a story), and then he fell in love with Jesus, too.

We married on November 28, 1975, in my church. Less than two years later, the Lord led us to the Catholic Church. (My conversion story is on the website; see “Terry’s Testimony” halfway down We’ve been serving the Lord side by side ever since. However, only a few people know him as my partner in Good News Ministries, as essential to the growth of this ministry as I’ve been.

A message from Ralph Modica

Ralph Modica[December 11, 2014] As I reflect on the fact that it was 20 years ago this January (2015) when the Lord called Terry and me to found Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay, what comes to mind is one of my favorite quotes:

“From our union with Christ, each one of the lay faithful derive the right and duty to be apostles. In the Church there is diversity of ministry, but oneness of mission. The laity, in accordance with their state of life, live in the world and are called by God to exercise their apostolates in the world, like leaven, with the ardor of the spirit of Christ.” (From The Decree on Apostolate of the Laity, Vatican Council II.)

You might ask, as I did a little over 20 years ago: “Who me? An apostle?” Yes — YOU! No matter what your station or role in life, YOU are an apostle! Called by Christ Himself!

Those whom I’ve been honored to speak with in person know that I often preach and teach about the “silent evangelists” who are all around us. Most of the laity (99% of us) are not directly involved in obvious religious activity or ministry. You and I are called to be witnesses, yes — evangelists, often “silent”, to the world around us.

In the early days of Good News Ministries, Terry and I taught as a husband-wife team of Catholic evangelists. As the ministry grew and grew larger, I stepped back “behind the scenes” as an everyday evangelist in the world while supporting Terry’s efforts at nurturing the on-line, world-wide Good News Ministries.

Ralph Modica at work 2014

For nearly ten years, we we relied on my income, sacrificing much financially, so that Good News Ministries could be developed to reach the many, many people around the entire world. Terry could have taken a secular job to help support our family and put our two children through college, but both of us firmly believed in what God had commissioned us to build. For His part, God has NEVER let us go hungry or let our physical or financial needs go unmet. Whatever generosity we gave towards God’s work simply cannot outdo God’s generosity toward us! Believe it and live it!

mobile devicesToday, the huge Good News Ministries website — which is so crucial for worldwide outreach — continues to serve as an effective tool for “making disciples of all nations”. Where we are being called to build next is in multi-media ministry so that we can attract to the Faith even more seekers, especially the very video-oriented young adults who are not in church.

Jesus prayingWe need YOUR help to continue the good work that God has begun. If you have recently donated to help support Good News Ministries, Terry and I thank you and ask God’s greatest blessings upon you. If you’ve not realized your importance as a benefactor yet, or if it’s been a while since you contributed to God’s work through Good News Ministries, I most humbly ask you to consider sending a donation at this urgent time so we can finish making our website accessible to more people, spreading and strengthening the Catholic faith through Good News Ministries.

Many reading this would like to but cannot help in this way: We ask you for your prayer support.

May God’s Abundant Blessings be upon you and all your loved ones! You are all in Terry’s and my prayers each and every day.

In Christ,
Ralph Modica

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February 28, 2024 12:48 pm

Dear terry, 
Praying for you to recover from the grief of the demise of Ralph. May Jesus and Mother Mary be with you in this time of struggle. Now I’m going to recite the divine mercy chaplet for your mom Pam and for you. May the soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

February 26, 2024 7:17 am

Dear Terry : My condolences regarding your loss ….. May your husband’s, Ralph’s soul & all the souls in Purgatory rest in God’s Peace & may Perpetual Light shine upon all ….
God Bless & Comfort you during your time of mourning….

Sylvia Jacobson Carroll
Sylvia Jacobson Carroll
February 23, 2024 9:49 am

I am so sorry, Terry….love and many prayers.