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Terry Modica with friends of Good News Ministries

calender of eventsGood News Ministries offers Catholic online events that can be used by individuals, faith sharing groups, and parish Adult Education programs.

If you want ideas on how to turn any of our online events into a parish event, contact us.

Welcome to Terry’s Corner

Terry Modica, Executive Director of Good News MinistriesJoin us in Terry’s Corner, a community that gathers to learn, heal, and pray. This is a safe and confidential space. Parts of Terry’s teaching may be recorded for a new podcast episode, but no participants’ images or voices will be included in the final recording unless permission is granted.

Next Event

Wednesday May 25, 2022
WHAT: Zoom meeting for parents of wayward adult children
WHEN: 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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prayingWHY: This gathering is for all who are suffering from the rejection of loved ones who have left the Faith. We will pray together for the salvation of their souls. We will learn from each other’s testimonies. We will heal as we experience God caring for us.


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