Saint Joseph is taking into his “home” — into his fatherly care — anyone who asks for his help.

When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. (Matthew 1:24 NIV)

St Joseph with child Jesus is among the Saints who stop plagues Just as Mary is our spiritual mother, Joseph is our spiritual father. He fathers us as a holy representative of God the Divine Father.

We who have been adopted through baptism to become children of the Divine Father are also adopted by Saint Joseph.

For more on this, see Day 26 of 30 Days to the Father’s Heart: Saint Joseph as the Image of God’s Fatherhood.

Enjoy these faith-building resources

  • Novena Consecration to St. Joseph

    St Joseph with child JesusWith this consecration, we seal ourselves as his children. We place into his fatherly protection ourselves, our families, our jobs and ministries, and the Church. We also consecrate to his fatherhood those who are not following Christ, especially our own family members, because Joseph’s desire in heaven is that all of his children love his son, Jesus, and follow him to everlasting life. Each day contains a brief story about various apparitions of St. Joseph, with special prayers. Download the PDF and print it double-sided, fold to create a 22-page booklet. 

  • Prayer from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints
    Saint JosephHoly God, you chose Saint Joseph to care for Mary and Jesus because his holiness and love for You was great, his compassion for others was outstanding, and his desire to protect and provide for his family was honorable. I ask Saint Joseph to intercede for all the men in my family….

  • Saint Joseph the Worker (prayer for May 1)
    Saint Joseph the WorkerThe Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker was instituted to draw attention to the dignity of labor, and to remind us of the spirituality of our jobs. I give the workers of my family and circle of friends—and their jobs—to Saint Joseph’s intercession, and I especially ask for his prayers in the protection and guidance of husbands and fathers….

  • Prayers to Saints who stop plagues
    St Joseph with child JesusAmong all the Saints who are known to stop plagues, the first and most important one to turn to is Saint Joseph. As the one who had the responsibility to father the child Jesus, he is our father too. It has been said by many Saints that his intercession is more powerful than all other Saints because Jesus still respects his fatherly authority.

  • Prayer to St. Joseph to Obtain a Conversion
    prayer candles at a statue of Saint JosephO Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph, who merited to be called “just” by the Holy Spirit, I urgently commend to you the soul of [Name], whom Jesus redeemed at the price of His Precious Blood. I ask you to obtain a conversion for him/her. You know how deplorable is the state of and how unhappy is the life of those who have banished this loving Savior from their hearts, and you know how greatly they are exposed to the danger of losing Him eternally….

  • Pope Leo XIII’s Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary

    Pope Leo XIIIThis prayer to Saint Joseph was composed by Pope Leo XIII, the same pope who composed the well-known prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. He asked that this prayer to St. Joseph be added to the end of the Rosary, especially during the month of October, which is dedicated to the Rosary. Although it’s unfamiliar to us today, now is the time to spread it and make it very well known. Please share this page widely!

  • The Treasure of Humility in the Story of Christmas (WordBytes)

    The story of Christmas humilityWhy do we think of Jesus as being poor? Perhaps it’s because He was born in a manger. But His father was a carpenter, a very respectable career…. Jesus’ father and mother exhibited humility. Surely, Joseph could have pushed his weight around in Bethlehem, boasting about who he was an heir to, but Joseph chose to be a quiet man and remain humble as he moved around looking for a suitable place for himself and his pregnant wife. He took what was offered, with a gracious heart. He was truly (in the purest form) grateful for having the stable to use.

  • Saint Joseph as the Image of God’s Fatherhood
    Saint Joseph protected Mary and Baby JesusOnly one saint stands out as the best human model of God’s fatherhood. Saint Joseph is the best ally for men who want to be good husbands and fathers. And yet we know so little about him from the Bible. Only recently has devotion to Saint Joseph become popular. Why now? It’s because of all that Satan has done to destroy the image of fatherhood. Abba-Father is giving Saint Joseph to the world as a remedy for all of the demonic strategies against marriages and families.

  • Memorare to Saint Joseph
    Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who asked for your help and sought your intercession was left unaided. Full of confidence in your power, I hasten to you and beg your protection. Listen, O foster father of the Redeemer, to my humble prayer, and in your goodness hear and answer me. Amen.

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