Prayer to St. Joseph to Obtain a Conversion

Prayer to St. Joseph
to Obtain a Conversion

prayer candles at a statue of Saint Joseph can be used to obtain a conversion for a lost soulO Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph, who merited to be called “just” by the Holy Spirit, I urgently commend to you the soul of [Name], whom Jesus redeemed at the price of His Precious Blood. I ask you to obtain a conversion for him/her.

You know how deplorable is the state of and how unhappy is the life of those who have banished this loving Savior from their hearts, and you know how greatly they are exposed to the danger of losing Him eternally.

Permit not, I beseech you, that a soul so dear to me should continue any longer in his/her evil ways. Preserve this soul from the danger that threatens it; touch the heart of the prodigal child and conduct him/her back to the bosom of the fondest of fathers.

Do not abandon him/her, I implore you, till you have opened to him/her the gates of the Heavenly city, where he/she will praise and bless you throughout eternity for the happiness which he/she will owe to your powerful intercession.


(adapted from the prayer found in “Life with Joseph,” by Rev. Paul J. Gorman)

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