Find the Saints you want to know

1. Saints’ Names and Their Meanings

2. Daily Prayers with the Saints: Book of prayers by date and patronage

3. FAQs

5. Daily Prayers and Saint Quotes

6. Saint Joseph for your home and family

1. Search by Saints’ Names and Their Meanings

Use our comprehensive list of saint names, their meanings, their feast days, and information about their lives to:

  • Choose a name for your unborn child.
  • Choose a Saint for your Confirmation name.
  • Find the meaning behind your name and meet your patron Saint.

Search saints by names for girls

Search saint names for girls

Search saints by names for boys

Saint Names for Boys


2. Search by Saints’ Names and Their Patronages

Daily Prayers with the SaintsGet a list of all the prayer topics and their corresponding patron Saints in the book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

• Look up your prayer need and find a Saint to pray with you.

• Look up Saints and find their patronages and a prayer to go with it.


3. FAQs

FAQ: Is it okay for a girl to take a male saint’s name? My daughter wants to take the name of a saint considered a patron of art (as she is both musician and artist) as her Confirmation name. Some people think it’s not proper for her to take the name Luke, since it’s a boy’s name. But I can’t find anything in my research that stipulates that girls must have girl saint names and boys must have boy saint names. Why should it matter? Nuns often take male name saints names!

A: I admire your concern and love for your daughter in choosing a patron saint for her Confirmation so carefully. You’re a great example for other parents! Yes, she certainly can take St. Luke as her patron. Through the intercession of whatever saint you choose, may God our Father send the fullness of His Spirit and His unconditional love into your daughter at this important step in her faith journey with Him!

FAQ: My son wants to choose a Confirmation name that honors his grandfather, but we cannot find that name in the list of Saints. Do you know how to find it?

A: In the Catholic Church, the reason why Saints’ names are chosen for Confirmation names has nothing to do with the Confirmandi’s relatives that he’d like to honor. It’s not the name that matters but the Saint. Your son has been instructed to research and find a Saint who will become a Patron Saint to help him through life.

Confirmation is a deepening of the faith life of your son and she should not take this lightly and without realizing its significance in her future. Saints are selected for Confirmation because of what they are patrons of (i.e., what is their area of specialty?) — not what their names are — so that this Saint can be a life-long friend and helper and teacher for your son. The Saint your son chooses will take the responsibility given to him or her very seriously. That Saint, through the presence of Christ in your son’s life, will want to become actively involved in your his life. This truly does affect a person’s future life to the extent that he is open to it, and even more than that, though he might not realize it unless he pays attention to it.

More help from Saints

Pray with the Saint of the Day and be blessed by inspirational words of Saints. These faith-builders will help you grow in joyful holiness.

Saint Joseph for your home and family

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Ifan Titus
Ifan Titus
February 16, 2021 3:12 pm

Can saint name change something to one’s live