Permission to copy the works of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Everything at and is provided free for personal use. You will be granted permission, soon after submitting your request, to print what you’re requesting for yourself. Submitting the request helps us learn what is most useful so we can continue to provide useful services.

If you want to make copies for a church or other organization, please go to Catholic Digital Resources where it is (or can be upon request) professionally published.

For information on reproducing Terry Modica’s Good News Reflections, please click here. For all else, please read our copyright policy below:

1. Everything on,, and is for personal use only. Printing of webpage articles is allowed for personal use (one user). If you want to share it with anyone else, please use the SHARING buttons found on the webpage.

2. No photos are allowed to be copied for any uses other than in context with the printed article.

3. You may not use your own mailing list to distribute our work. We want to serve your friends as much as you do. When they subscribe to our mailing lists, we receive the opportunity to let them know about other ways we might minister to them.

4. You may not post our work online nor in e-groups or blogs without first obtaining special permission. We hope that you will post a few key sentences and invite people to visit our ministry through a link back to the source.

5. When you are granted permission, you are required to include the entire article, AS IS, complete with copyright information.

6. You may not edit our work, you may not add to it, and you may not shorten it without first showing us your changes and obtaining specific permission for your adaptation. You must be sure to include the copyright date and name and the online ministry where you found it (Good News Ministries,

7. At Good News Ministries, we are very glad when our work is so meaningful to you that you want to share it with others. We see this as working together to do the Lord’s ministry, and we’re happy to encourage it. We rarely turn down any requests for permission to share our work with others.

8. If you have a ministry of visiting the elderly, the hospitalized, the homebound or such, and you feel led by God to read aloud any of our work, you do not need special permission nor are you required to give verbal credit mention to Good News Ministries. However, the printed-out page from which you read must include the credit and copyright information.

9. As a thank you for distribution permission, please make a donation. We rely on this help to continue providing free resources.

Here is a simple explanation of copyright law and how to easily comply with it while sharing good materials with others as the Lord so leads you:

As Christians, we do not want to be law-breakers, nor do we want to deny credit where credit is due, nor do we want to deny just and fair wages to those who work hard to produce the fruits of the talents God has given them. Such behavior is thievery and is uncaring toward those who do the work. As Christians, we want to respect the copyright protection of any person’s writings, music, or artistic drawings.

Holiness means obedience — including obeying the laws of the land such as copyright law. Therefore, as Christians, we want to comply with copyright laws. Anyone who doesn’t can be sued and deserves the legal punishment for the crime.

Copyright laws automatically cover anything that is written or drawn. Even email letters are covered by copyright law. Once something has been published, even if it has not been officially registered with the government’s Copyright Office, it is covered by international law. Being written in any savable form, including the electronic media (webpages and email), is considered covered by the copyright law.

For more information on this, read: Copyright Myths


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