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Video Course on how to pray in the power of the Holy SpiritIf you cannot afford to help us financially, or if you live in a country in which it’s difficult to send US currency, the Good News Team and Staff greatly appreciate a donation of prayer time: Please make a novena (nine rosaries or other prayers) for the needs of Good News Ministries — or any form of prayer that’s meaningful to you.

Please include in your prayers all those whom the Lord is calling to serve as benefactors. Pray that everyone will grow in trust for the Lord as they decide how to respond to the call to be champions of the Good News. Pray that all will be blessed by God’s own generosity as we serve him by sharing what he has given to us.

And pray that enough people will respond to this call so that all the needs of this ministry will be provided for.

Two Options:

(1) Become one of GNM’s 7 Warriors of the Cross Warriors of the Cross.


(2) Complete the Prayer Commitment form below.

Together we can change the world for Christ

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