Terry Modica

Catholic Speaker, Evangelist, Author, Retreat Director

Themes include:
The Holy Spirit, Marriage, Relationships, Marian Life, Prayer, Evangelization, Bible study, Catholic Culture, Her Conversion Story from a Protestant upbringing and from the occult, Ministry Discernment, Pro-life Testimony, Healing from Suffering through Union with Christ, Victorious Spiritual Warfare, Technology for Evangelization, How to Use Virtual Reality in Catechesis, Women’s issues, and more.

“Celebrating God’s Love In Your Domestic Home Church” was the theme of the retreat filmed at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on November 16, 2013. Terry Modica of Good News Ministries (gnm.org) presented two one-hour sessions on God’s design for family life and the vocation of marriage.


endorsementMsgr. Joseph Kimu, Diocese of Mangochi in Malawi, Central Africa, Director of Radio Maria Malawi

“In 2004, Terry came to Malawi for two weeks to speak to seminarians, catechists, religious men and women, and priests. It was a wonderful moment of sharing God’s word. Since 2001, I have always cherished her daily Good News Reflections and used some of her ideas in my preaching in churches, at retreats, and on Radio Maria.”

endorsementFather Carl Schmidt, C.Ss.R., Toronto, ON Canada

“There need be no fear about any lack of orthodoxy or anything opposing the Teaching of the Magisterium of the Church. Terry’s work reflects her being a committed Catholic and one who is painstakingly conscientious about the contents of her work.”

endorsementDownload letters from:

Most Rev. Vincent Kympat, Bishop of Jowai, India
Rev. Erasto Fernandez, SSS, Provincial Superior
Rev. James Lienert, MSF
Rev. Rick Pilger, IC

Reviews from Terry’s audiences:

excellent review“Terry Modica is an amazing speaker. She came across as a very down to earth woman with a good sense of humour. She was inspiring, knowledgeable and full of love for Jesus and his mother Mary.”

excellent review“Our inspiring speaker Terry Modica, whose motto is “Keep your eyes on Jesus”, had flown in from Florida, USA, to be with us. She based her five talks on the four Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and gently led us into a deeper understanding of how each Mystery helps us to connect our lives with the life of Jesus. … Terry used a very powerful visual aid to deepen our understanding of each Mystery and how it connects to our life. … Our weekend concluded with Mass led by our National Chaplain, Bishop Pat; an awesome finish to an amazing weekend. As we reluctantly departed from our mountain top experience and journeyed home, the fragrance of the weekend stayed within each of our hearts. And as we spend time with Jesus, pondering the Mysteries of the Rosary, Our Blessed Mother encourages us to be His Fragrance everywhere we go.”

excellent review“How blessed we were with Terry’s talks as they ministered by challenging us, inspiring us to greater things for God while encouraging and equipping us.”

excellent review“My main motivation to come was to hear her, and she exceeded my expectations. First she replaced the word Retreat with Restoration. She spoke of God’s desire to restore us, to heal us. We would journey to the healing heart of Jesus. … Terry was easy to listen to, intelligent, very down to earth and practical, very scriptural, full of faith, and humorous. Terry wove the up and down realities of her own story and her love of God through her talks, and that made her so real and believable and touched deeply into my story and the authentic me.”

excellent review“[After Terry’s retreat] I am more relaxed and joyful. I am putting my trust in God and regularly reminding myself of Terry’s words – JOY = Jesus Our Yoke. I am trying much harder to hand over my anxieties and surrender my controlling nature to him. I have slowed down and am spending more time with Mark and the kids. I am enjoying family life a lot more. I begin each day with a specific prayer (Terry’s words). My husband has noticed all of these changes and feels our house is a happier, more peaceful environment.”

excellent review“The women who left the retreat centre on Sunday afternoon were changed from those who arrived on Friday evening. … It was truly a wonderful weekend.”

Terry Modica, Catholic Speaker

Terry Modica has been a Catholic Speaker since 1989. She has been the Executive Director of Good News Ministries since its founding in 1995. A prolific writer since 1982, she is also the author of the popular daily Good News Reflections and has published a few books.

She was certified by the Diocese of St. Petersburg for Lay Pastoral Ministry in 2003 and has a degree in Theology. For more info, read her biography.

She lives in Riverview, Florida, with her husband Ralph (married in 1975), and is the mother of two.

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