The following suggested donations for speaker stipends may be discounted for small budgets; contact us for a solution that fits your group’s needs. In some cases, we are able to do it at no cost by obtaining sponsorship from our own benefactors.

Keynote conference presentation: $1,000

Non-profit church groups
            Seminar or course:
             In Tampa Bay area: $150 for one hour, $100 each additional hour
             Elsewhere: $300 for one hour, $100 each additional hour

One-day Retreat (eg. 9am-3pm):
             $500 – $1,000

Week-end Retreat (eg., Fri evening through Sun afternoon):
             $1,000 – $2,000

Parish mission/retreat (3 to 5 evenings with daytime sessions and consultations):
             $1,000 – $2,000

Home-based weekend retreat:

+ Travel: Cost of transportation

+ Hospitality: Meals as needed + hotel. Hosting in the rectory, convent, or a parishioner’s home is a fine alternative, as long as it includes a good internet connection plus privacy for preparation and prayer.

The presenter will make travel reservations and purchase tickets; host is asked to make hospitality arrangements and provide a staff member or parishioner to transport the speaker to and from the airport.

+ Books: Host may arrange to purchase Terry’s books in advance and count the cost as part of her stipend. Ask about bulk discounts. Distributing her books prior to her arrival will increase attendance and participation.

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