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I really thank God the Almighty Father who inspired you so as to start such a great work. These daily reflections have helped me a lot in my daily meditations before Mass and more so in my spiritual growth. Thanks to you I feel motivated to share my talents with others. ~ Maria from Uganda

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I’m a priest for the past 35 years. Just last year I started on computer. I came across your site by chance. Since then I have introduced it to many of my friends who really enjoy the Word of God, broken and shared by you. Keep it up. We need it and enjoy it to the fullest. God’s choicest blessings. ~ Fr. Leonard Ranasinghe from Sri Lanka

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Each day I am greeted by the Word. It has helped me to see God’s light brighter each and every day. You have strengthened my commitment to immerse myself in the Word, and have helped me to feel His presence in my daily life. ~ Florence from Florida

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I praise and thank God that someone e-mailed to me your website. I have my Daily Missal with short reflections, but what you have is more enlightening. It gives me strength, and I could say it’s from your reflections that HE talks to me, HE comforts me. ~ RoseMary from Norway

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Just want to say thank you for all you do. I try to get more and more of the people around me to subscribe to your daily reflections. They speak volumes to me and I know they do to others too. So many times your reflections are the answers to my prayers. ~ Barbara

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Your daily reflections inspire and helps me understand the meaning of the word in a deeper way. It helps me a great deal to know Christ and helps me in my walk with Christ. May God bless you abundantly for this good work. ~ Theresa from India

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Your Reflections helped me to get through an extraordinarily difficult time, when I was feeling suicidal. They gave me comfort, and more importantly guidance. Every day what you wrote was directly relevant to what I was going through, and even though I didn’t always read the reading for the day you intended, it has always been what I needed to read on that particular day. ~ Fiona from the Caribbean

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I was introduced to your site by a friend. I have been reading your Daily Blessings and Good News Reflections for almost a year. These readings have helped me to find a purpose and meaning to my day to day life. ~ Celine from Sri Lanka

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By reading the Daily Blessings, the Holy Spirit has thought me to trust and depend on God completely, and this has helped me to be a good Catholic. ~ Felicia from Nigeria

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I am thankful for the ministry that He has called you to. So many times, over the past couple of years, it has been, literally, a life saver for me! Thank God that today I have resources that I did not have for the first 18 years of my life. ~ Sheila

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You have helped me during the down periods, and added joy to my highs. I’m 54 years old, and I just converted last year; so much to learn, and so little time to do so. You are such a help! ~ Steve

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I have been receiving your Daily Reflections since Sept. and can feel the change that is happening inside me as I take the time to reflect on what God is calling me to do. Thank you for being an instrument of His word and for touching me in a way that is so personally inspiring. You are bringing much peace in my life at a time when spiritual grounding is more important than ever. ~ Patty

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The [Thanksgiving] card was so wonderful I wept for a while! Living alone and feeling a bit lonelier than I’d admitted to myself, I felt that the card came directly from Jesus Himself. Though I am Episcopalian and not Catholic, the daily meditations have been growth inspiring and a real blessing to me and to those I’ve shared them with. ~ Lois

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In Saudi Arabia, no public Christian worship is tolerated, and my poster picture of Christ of St John of the Cross, by Salvador Dali, was torn up by the customs officials on arrival there. They routinely destroy written manuscripts such as Word for the Day, so the internet has been my only source…. My medical team and I went to Kingston, Jamaica, and we stayed with the Immaculate Sisters at their school. Meeting the Sisters there introduced me to your Daily Reflections, and since, I have passed them on to a Christian colleague in Saudi Arabia. ~ Aubyn

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