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  • Heal a friend’s heart for Christmas
  • Good News WordBytes for All Souls Day
  • What is Heaven really like? (podcast episode)

Heal a friend’s heart for Christmas

hands holding the heart of loveNow is the time to think about how to choose Christmas gifts that will make an everlasting impact. What friend or family member needs healing in their relationship with God? Who is ignoring God? Who feels abandoned by God? Who has stopped going to church? Who has wrong ideas about God?

Give them the gift of new beginnings. Give them the greatest gift of all: Faith. Order my book 30 Days to the Father’s Heart.



Good News WordBytes for All Souls Day:

A Vision-Parable of Purgatory
sunrise heaven in a vision of PurgatoryA man named Abbot died and met Jesus at the entrance to heaven. The gate was named “The Moment of Death and Resurrection”…. Jesus drew Abbot’s attention…. Jesus held a small baby in his arms, holding her tenderly, and he showed her to Abbot. “Who is she?” Abbot asked as he felt somehow connected to her. Jesus answered, “She is the daughter you aborted.”


Mysteries of the afterlife: Where do spirits go?
Holy Spirit“A priest recently talked about the afterlife and told us that heaven, hell and purgatory are not a place, it is a state of life. He said many think that they are going to heaven when they die, but it is not a place, or there is no burning in hell, because when we die we are spirit and a spirit does not occupy time and space.” Is he right?


Is hell crowded or empty?
Is hell crowded or empty?Fewer people end up in hell than we might think, because when we meet Jesus face to face at the hour of our death, everything becomes clear. Even someone who has rejected the Christian faith during his life on earth, at the moment of death, when Jesus comes to meet him (or her), he finally sees Jesus as he really is and for the first time truly understands who he is, how much he loves us, and what he has done for us to bring us to salvation. Will he want to spend eternity with Jesus?


Defining Purgatory & the Communion of Saints
Purgatory and the Communion of SaintsAll Souls Day (November 2) is a special day that the Church has given us to remind us about how important it is to offer prayers for those who have died in the arms of Jesus but have not yet reached the full glory of heaven. Transitioning from earthly life to full union with God in heaven is usually not instantaneous. We call this transition “purgatory”. Since there is much confusion and misunderstanding about the Doctrine of Purgatory, I’m providing here a brief explanation.


Footsteps to Heaven podcast show with Terry Modica

Great podcast episode!
What is Heaven really like?

When my husband Ralph and I went to the funeral of a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness, the description of Heaven that we heard from the leader of the congregation was not one that we want to believe in. Ralph joins me in this episode to explain why and to give a much better description of the afterlife based on the teachings of the Catholic Faith and the Bible.

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