Monday June 10, 2024

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Good News Reflections:
Making scripture meaningful to your daily life
by Terry Modica

“God comforts us and supports us in our efforts to detach from the world and become more like him.”

Good News Reflection for:

Monday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time
June 10, 2024

Today’s Prayer:

Beloved Jesus: Give me Your loving gaze as I suffer the persecutions and trials of following You. May I learn how to bless You and thank You whenever they happen. Amen.

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Today’s Readings:

1 Kings 17:1-6
Psalm 121:1-8
Matthew 5:1-12
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Living the Beatitudes

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For most of this month, we’re going to be hearing from the Sermon on the Mount in our daily Gospel reading. On our WordBytes website is a Bible Study on these three chapters of Matthew. It’s more in-depth than the reflections we’ll be emailing to you, and it includes discussion questions. If you’re interested, please visit

We are called to holiness. Jesus taught us how to do it, so that we could receive the full love of God and share this love with others. And then he gave us his Holy Spirit to help us live it out.

All of Christ’s teachings are summed up in one place: The Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes in today’s Gospel passage are the introductory remarks of the sermon. They are the basic outline or stepping stones for having a more love-filled life. The first four deal with our relationship with God; the last four deal with our relationships with others.

#1 (verse 3): We are “poor in spirit” when we depend on God (the kingdom of heaven) instead of material security (the world’s kingdom). We’re enriched by his faithfulness, mercy and love.

#2 (verse 4): We “mourn” or feel sorrowful when we realize that we’ve fallen short of the glory of God by relying on the world’s ways instead of God’s ways. He comforts us and supports us in our efforts to detach from the world and become more like him.

#3 (verse 5): We are “meek” or “lowly” when we submit to the Father’s will. Inheriting the land means that we are God’s children and belong to his kingdom with all of its benefits.

#4 (verse 6): We “hunger and thirst for righteousness” when we desire to live morally or to put an end to the injustices we witness. This hunger will be satisfied because God helps us achieve righteousness.

The second half of the Beatitudes is a list of fruits that are produced by the spiritual growth that we gain in the first half.

#5 (verse 7): When we’re poor in spirit and place our trust in God’s mercy (verse 3), we gain the spiritual maturity to be merciful to others, which results in the blessing of receiving even more of God’s mercy.

#6 (verse 8): Our sins hurt others, and when we mourn the damage we’ve done (verse 4), we desire to be “pure” or “clean” in our hearts, which leads us to greater holiness, and then we see God working through us to help others.

#7 (verse 9): By being meek (verse 5), we become peacemakers, because as we submit ourselves to the Father’s will, we handle conflicts the way Jesus did, asserting boundaries against the sins of others without being unforgiving or retaliatory.

#8 (verses 10-12): We are like Christ when we live as he lived (verse 6), and for this reason others persecute us. They don’t want to learn from our example of holiness, so they insult us and try to stop us. This is a tremendous blessing, because it lets us know that we are indeed living the Beatitudes.

May our journey of faith be a successful climb through all of the beatitudes!

2024 by Terry A. Modica

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