November 30 – Saint Andrew the Apostle

Saint Andrew

listenLord Jesus, Saint Andrew was the first Apostle.  He enthusiastically led other people to You, starting with his brother, Saint Peter.  Saint John Chrysostom said in a homily about these saints, “To support one another in the things of the spirit is the true sign of good will between brothers, loving kinship and sincere affection.”  I ask Saint Andrew to pray for my relationships with family members.  Jesus, You came to divide us from our families if they do not follow You.  Bring conversion to the hearts of disbelieving loved ones so that we may become united in the Faith and bonded in our love for You.  Saint Andrew, pray for us.  Amen.

Quote for Today

Blessed John of Vercelli (1205-1283)
Feast day November 30

quoteWatch the little things. He who grows careless in little things, little by little falls. He who does not push himself to make progress, goes backward.”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

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