June 28 – Saint Irenaeus of Lyons


listenFaithful Jesus, Saint Irenaeus of Lyons was privileged to be a student of Saint Polycarp, who had been a disciple of Saint John the Apostle.  He said: “I listened to Saint Polycarp’s instructions very carefully.  I wrote down his actions and his words, not on paper, but on my heart.”  I ask him to pray for all those who are my instructors, especially those who have helped me advance on the spiritual path, including my friends and family.  Give them special blessings for all they have taught me, and humble me when I don’t want to accept their instructions.  Let the truth take root in my heart.  Saint Irenaeus of Lyons, pray for us.  Amen.

Quotes for Today

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon (130-202)

quoteAs long as anyone has the means of doing good to his neighbors, and does not do so, he shall be reckoned a stranger to the love of the Lord.”

quoteSince we consist of soul and body, both are involved in staying on the path. As either may cause us to stumble, we must attend to both: Bodily purity, the protective abstinence from all shameful things and wicked acts. And purity of the soul, keeping true faith in God, neither adding to nor subtracting from it.”

quoteThe glory of God is the human person fully alive.”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

Daily Prayers with the Saints

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