July 25 – Saint James the Greater

Saint James the Greater, Apostle

listenO Gentle Jesus, Saint James was one of Your first apostles, but he started out as a very impulsive, self-centered man.  He dared to ask You for a place of honor in Your kingdom, and he wanted You to destroy the villages that had rejected You, but eventually he developed a true understanding of holiness.  I ask him to pray that my humility grows stronger than my pride, that I submit my will to Your will, and that when I speak, my words reveal Your gentleness and love.  Restrain me when I want to rush ahead, and give me a broader perspective when I’m seeing things through a narrow, limited view.  Saint James, pray for me.  Amen.

Quotes for Today

Blessed Margarita de Maturana (1884-1934)
Feast day July 25

quoteThere are moments in life of special importance, such as when the Lord shows us the way to be followed and then leaves it up to our will to respond.”

Blessed John Soreth (1420-1471)
Feast day July 25

quoteGod is wisdom, and desires to be loved not only tenderly but wisely.”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

Daily Prayers with the Saints

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