December 4 – Saint John Damascene

Saint John Damascene

listenHoly Spirit, Saint John Damascene’s father raised him to dislike the games of war and piracy that were popular among his peers.  This helped him grow up to become a priest who was famous for his purity and theological knowledge.  I ask him to intercede for today’s parents and children.  Remind us of the need to protect the hearts and minds of our children from the violence in movies, video games, and TV shows.  Show us how to give our youth a desire to remain pure from worldly fascinations and to resist peer pressure.  Help us to increase their faith by the examples we set and to instill in them a strong love for You.  Saint John, pray for us.  Amen.

Quotes for Today

Saint John Damascene (676-749)

quoteYour [Mary’s] lips were fashioned only to praise Jesus Christ and to be pressed against His. Your pure and immaculate Heart is always turned towards your beloved, and is applied only to contemplate Him, to desire Him, to seek Him and to aspire after Him.”

Saint Clement of Alexandria (d.217)
Feast Day December 4

quotePrayer is a conversation with God. Even if we whisper, even if we do not open our mouth, a cry rises within us. And God never fails to hear this inner conversation.”

quote‘Eat My Flesh,’ He says, ‘and drink My Blood.’ The Lord supplies us with these intimate nutrients. He delivers over His Flesh, and pours out His Blood and nothing is lacking for the growth of His children. O incredible mystery!”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

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