November 12 – Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych

Saint Josaphat

listenDear God, Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych (c.1580-1623) was a peacemaker motivated by the belief that we should focus on what unites us rather than what divides.  He worked hard to achieve unity between Churches.  Today, there are more denominations than in any other time of history.  I ask him to pray that humble leaders will be raised up who will bring healing where there are divisions, understanding of the truth where there are disagreements over beliefs, and reconciliation where there is unforgiveness.  Give unity to Christianity, O Lord, so that we can witness to the world that You are the One True God.  Saint Josaphat, pray for us.  Amen.

Quotes for Today

Saint Nilus of Sinai (d.430)
Feast day November 12

quoteDo not grieve if you do not at once receive from God that which you ask. He wishes to benefit you still more by making you persist longer in your patient prayer before Him. For what can be higher than to address one’s converse to God and be in communion with Him?”

Saint Agostina Petrantoni (1864-1894)
Feast day November 12

quoteAll is too little for the Lord.”


The prayer above is from Terry Modica’s book Daily Prayers with the Saints.

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