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A peek behind the scenes at Good News Ministries
by Terry Modica
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A peek behind the scenes at Good News Ministries
In this issue:
• Reflection for Saturday: What does "faith" mean?
• New video: Prayer That Improves Your Connection to God

• Our Spanish Media Ministry is growing!
Why the Good News Cross is so powerful


Saturday April 29, 2017
Acts 6:1-7
Ps 33:1-2,4-5,18-19
John 6:16-21


After the disciples embarked on a boat and were 3 or 4 miles from shore, a strong wind made the sea choppy and rocked the boat. They saw Jesus walking toward them on the water, and, not recognizing him, they felt afraid. So he said, "It is I. Do not be afraid." The next moment, the boat arrived miraculously at the shore. (Paraphrased from the Gospel reading)

Reflection for Saturday: What does "faith" mean?

boat rocked by stormWhen our boats are rocked by high waves from a stormy situation in our lives, Jesus comes to us with divine intervention that often is miraculous. But do we have the kind of faith that enables us to recognize him and open ourselves to receive his help?

What is faith? What does the word "faith" mean to you? To countless young adults (and many of us in older generations) who had the wrong catechists, it means, "a boring collection of right answers with a couple of sacraments thrown in to mark the beginning and end of the schooling."

Once they discover that the outside-church world has other beliefs, which seem to work very well, it's not surprising that people begin to go from bored to skeptical or, at best, disinterested. 

Except that's not what faith is.

Faith is a process. It's not about being able to give the right answer. It's the process of becoming more and more immersed in the Greater Power who fathers us, saves us from our worst selves, and empowers us to become our best selves.

Faith is an ongoing argument with our doubts, one where we show up for opportunities that help us understand more fully who God is and what he is doing in our lives and what he wants from us so that we can become our best selves, which means also learning to use our gifts and talents to help others become their best selves.

Faith isn't learned only in the classroom. We do it. Daily. In every situation. 

Faith isn't something to believe or not believe. It's something to do. And by doing, we make new discoveries. And with every new discovery, our faith grows, because faith is not something we do alone. Faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit. It's up to us to decide how far we'll take it.

New video:
Prayer That Improves Your Connection to God


Our Spanish Media Ministry is growing! 

Spanish media ministryLast year, thanks to our Spanish supporters, we bought a new computer for the production of Spanish audiovisual material. Since then, we've been trying to find an appropriate microphone, within our budget, for the equipment. This week, our new microphone arrived! Due to its technical features, it will allow us to produce high fidelity audios and to incorporate them into our videos. The songs we produce in Spanish will be much more enjoyable.

We also have a professional sound card, an HD video camera and excellent software which are making come true our dream of having a Spanish recording studio for GNM and for God's glory. Fernando Ramos (wife of GNM's Assistant Director, Graciela) is the talented media specialist whom God has empowered (with the help of benefactors championing the Spanish ministry) to make it happen.

Plans include producing more videos and audios to add to many of our WordBytes, prayers, and other reflections. Fernando is also going to record faith-building testimonies. And we hope to expand into the Catholic music world. Everything from our Lord, through our dear friends, and for our Lord!

If you haven't seen this yet...
read why the Good News Cross is so powerful!

Good News CrossSaint Benedict Medal




The St. Benedict medal, which is embedded in the recently-designed Good News Cross, is known for its power to ward off the devil and his influences.

The Good News Cross of St. Benedict was designed after Jesus revealed it to me while I was praying during Eucharistic Adoration. Artist Patrick Campbell brought the vision to life. Its purpose is to help families and marriages and anyone who needs the victory of Christ, while reminding us that we are called to defeat evil through the blood of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

See the full story >>>

God bless you with a very happy Easter season!

Every morning, I lift up in to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica
Good News Ministries

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