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Vigil of the Night

Prayers - Vigil of the Night - tabernacle and candleIn the sleeplessness of the dark night
You are with me, Lord,
A comfort to my soul.
Your love is a pillow for my head
Though the trials of the day swirl
and pull my attention from the peace You give.

In the sleeplessness of the dark night
I am with You, Lord,
Sharing in your deep concerns
For all Your beloveds
Who pierce your heart with thorns.

I care as You care.
Does this comfort You?

Though my heart is in pain
I am comforted in the knowing
That You and I are united, Lord.
We share a bond of love
That is rooted in Your love for those
who cause You pain by their sins and separation.

Oh Lord, grant that my sleeplessness
makes a difference to You, blessing You,
As I pray for others
In the restlessness of the dark night.

Will You grant your little friend
The blessing of sight
That I may see the difference I make
In the prayers of the deep, dark night?

Will You help me to abandon You
In this shared vigil of the night
By giving me a supernatural peacefulness
That covers me in rest and restoration?

I am weak, oh Lord, and long to disconnect
From Your vigil of the night
So that I may sleep deep
And awaken rested when the dawn comes.

The dawn is too long in coming
And too soon.
But You are here with me
In the vigil of the night.

Grant rest to my soul, oh Lord, grant rest
As I lay my head upon Your lap
And share with You
This vigil of the night.

© 2012 by Terry Modica

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Carolyn McRae said…
“How beautiful your prayer is, Terry. How very, very comforting.” (May 11, 2013)

Matthew Pierre said…
God must have smiled upon hearing this prayer. Thank you Terry. Just Beautiful!” (May 11, 2013)

Anonymous said…
“Thank you Terry for this beautiful and peaceful prayer. Blessings.” (May 13, 2013)


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