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7 Warriors of the Cross

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7 Warriors of the CrossJoin one of our victory teams. To become one of the 7 Warriors of the Cross, choose a day of the week that’s not yet covered.

Seven prayer warriors are required to form one team. Each member of the team chooses one day of the week as their Victory Day. During your day, you will devote one hour to prayer and offer it up for victory over evil in your family, in the Church, and in the world, and for the protection of Good News Ministries and for the breakthroughs we need so we can do all that God calls us to do.

After you choose your Victory Day, we will email you some suggested prayers.

Look at the teams below to see which days still need to be covered. Then you’ll find the buttons to click for choosing which day of the week will be your Victory Day.

Teams of 7 Warriors

Team: 1
This team is complete!
Sunday - Ángela del Cristo
Monday - Carmel
Tuesday - Jane
Wednesday - Carol
Thursday - Mirna
Friday - Ann
Saturday - Miriam
Team: 2
This team is complete!
Sunday - Maria Nelly
Monday - Alex
Tuesday - Monica
Wednesday - Kevin
Thursday - Patricia
Friday - Audry
Saturday - Roseleen
Team: 3
This team is complete!
Sunday - Bernard
Monday - Gillian
Tuesday - Nada
Wednesday - Barbara
Thursday - Patricia
Friday - J
Saturday - AnnaMary
Team: 4
This team is complete!
Sunday - Elvira
Monday - Vanessa
Tuesday - Geetha
Wednesday - Linda
Thursday - Kay
Friday - Chinyelu
Saturday - AnnaMary
Team: 5
This team is complete!
Sunday - JUANITA
Monday - Julie
Tuesday - Dianna
Wednesday - Reisha
Thursday - Yolande
Friday - gloria
Saturday - Connie
Team: 6
This team is complete!
Sunday - Josephine
Monday - Luisa
Tuesday - Sara
Wednesday - Ricardo
Thursday - Christine
Friday - Miguelina
Saturday - Mary
Team: 7
This team is complete!
Sunday - Janie
Monday - Cecilia
Tuesday - Asha
Wednesday - Gerard
Thursday - Efon
Friday - Marcelina
Saturday - Michelle
Team: 8
This team is complete!
Sunday - Char
Monday - Claire
Tuesday - Maria
Wednesday - Cora
Thursday - Teresa
Friday - Rosie
Saturday - Christopher
Team: 9
Sunday - Beena
Tuesday - Paulo
Wednesday - Nancy
Thursday - Matilda
Friday - Miguelina
Team: 10
Sunday - Callis
Tuesday - SILVIA
Wednesday - Katie
Thursday - Gladys
Friday - Shalini
Saturday - julienne
Team: 11
Sunday - Raphael
Monday - Chris
Wednesday - Rumbidzai
Thursday - mary
Friday - Shalini
Saturday - Mary
Team: 12
This team is complete!
Sunday - Karen
Monday - Rosaire
Tuesday - Louise
Wednesday - Lyn
Thursday - Marilyn
Friday - Miggy
Saturday - Mary
Team: 13
This team is complete!
Sunday - Marivic
Monday - Marta
Tuesday - Lis
Wednesday - Faith
Thursday - Eileen
Friday - Gerry
Saturday - Mabel
Team: 14
Monday - Cindy
Tuesday - Rebecca
Wednesday - Debbie
Thursday - MARIA
Friday - JANET
Saturday - Ann
Team: 15
This team is complete!
Sunday - Sonia
Monday - Flor and Jose
Tuesday - Karen
Wednesday - Lyn
Thursday - Benedicta
Friday - Assumpta
Saturday - Samuel
Team: 16
This team is complete!
Sunday - Rita
Monday - vanessa
Tuesday - Douglas
Wednesday - Betty
Thursday - Rita
Friday - Rosemary
Saturday - Samuel
Team: 17
This team is complete!
Sunday - Yannis
Monday - Pauline
Tuesday - Tefania
Wednesday - Paschal
Thursday - Melba
Friday - Carolyne
Saturday - Ann
Team: 18
Sunday - May
Monday - Mary
Tuesday - Sofia
Wednesday - Phil
Friday - Mary
Saturday - Margaret
Team: 19
Monday - Asongwe
Wednesday - Lisa
Friday - Mary
Team: 20
Sunday - Epuamoere
Sunday - Epuamoere
Monday - Rensley
Tuesday - Zeinab
Wednesday - Linda
Friday - Daniel
Team: 21
Sunday - Leena
Monday - Rensley
Wednesday - Shereen
Friday - Vinoth
Team: 22
Sunday - Victoria
Monday - PETER
Wednesday - pauline
Team: 23
Wednesday - Shree

Now choose your day of the week for your Victory Day.



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Se requieren siete guerreros de oración para formar un equipo. Cada miembro del equipo elige un día de la semana como su Día de Victoria. Durante tu día, dedicarás una hora a orar y la ofrecerás por la victoria sobre el mal en tu familia, en la Iglesia y en el mundo, y por la protección de Good News Ministries y por los avances que necesitamos para poder hacer todo lo que Dios nos llama a hacer.

Luego de elegir tu Día de Victoria, te enviaremos por correo algunas oraciones sugeridas.

Fíjate debajo, en los recuadros de los equipos, para ver qué días aún necesitan ser cubiertos. Selecciona tu día de la semana para registrarte como tu Día de Victoria.