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Terry Modica’s daily reflections make the scriptures meaningful for your everyday life.

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“These reflections have taught me so much; they help me understand the bible, life and relationships better. Sometimes when I am down I receive a reflection like as if the Lord understands my problems and has sent the email to me, and it puts my doubts to rest. This has truly brought me closer to our Lord.” (Annie from Kuwait)

“Your daily reflections has been part of my life since I connected with you decades ago.  I read you daily reflections after I read the daily mass readings for the following day. Your daily reflections are a tremendous help in understanding the message of the readings, the words of the Lord. It is a source of my daily bible sessions with my household whom I lead in the readings of the daily mass readings and share the reflections I gather. In many instances, your message hits on the spot of my concern, at that moment. It helps me lighten my load that burdens me and understand the love of God and his presence.” (Tino)

“Good News Ministries us helping in molding my strong spirituality of which I brought up my sons — they’re well built in God’s word and live well as children of God’s light and wisdom…. There’s so much in the Catholic faith. Thank you GNM for all the reflections in building my faith by giving me more understanding of God’s kingdom.” (Omas)