Prayers for Parents

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Parents have an unending ministry of praying for their children. At times it can be heartbreaking. We offer prayers here that may aid parents in their ministry as prayer warriors.

The Holy Family prayers with parents today

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Who’s causing you to suffer because they have turned away from Christ and perhaps even from you and your family? Their rejection hurts and you feel the pain of knowing that their eternal soul is in danger. In Matthew 18:12-14, Jesus says that your Father in heaven is not willing that any of your lost loved ones should perish. Your prayers will be answered! In the video above, Terry Modica provides hope and reassurance that Pray with Terry Modica as she shares some very powerful prayers that conquer the demons who have pulled your loved ones away from Christ.

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There is good reason to have hope — with confidence! — that your lost loved ones, though they have turned away from Christ, will still be saved. Your prayers do make a difference. God has a plan. Jesus stated very clearly in John 6:39-40 and John 10:27-29 that no one — not even the devil — can take them out of the Father’s hands. Discover God’s wonderful purposes for allowing your loved ones to stray into sin for a season. Armed with this truth, you be able to keep praying, but now with joy instead of worry! Listen to the podcast The Promise of Victory for Your Lost Loved Ones >>

God wants to do work supernaturally through us to bring others to conversion and faith growth. None of us can convince our loved ones who are rejecting Christ to change their minds and become faith-filled believers — not by our own efforts. God needs to intervene with supernatural evangelization. Listen to the podcast Supernatural Evangelization >>

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