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Saints' Names for Boys

This is a supplement to Terry Modica's book Daily Prayers with the Saints for the New Millennium. The saints whose feast days are blank or in ( ) are extras for this site but are not included in the book.
Saint & Patronage
Feast Day
happy protection
Saint Edmund of East Anglia was a king who was captured by pagan invaders. The enemy wanted him to sign a treaty that would harm his country and Church, but he chose to die rather than to grieve God and hurt his people.
Nov. 20
prosperous guardian
Saint Edward the Confessor was one of the most popular English kings, because he trusted in God and greatly loved his people. By relying on God, he was able to rule wisely and maintain peace.
Oct. 13
prosperous friend
Saint Edwin was a pagan king who listened to a Christian preacher publicly explain the Gospel. He accepted salvation, renounced his worship of the gods, and commanded his high priest to destroy their altars and temples.
Oct. 12
the Lord is God
Saint Elias ministered with Saint Daniel to Christians condemned to do hard labor in the mines during persecutions, to comfort them. When they were arrested for their beliefs, Elias bravely shared his mystical insights, even though this led to his death.
(Feb. 16)
Emile, Emilian, Emilion, Emilius
Saint Gregory the Great had three aunts who led prayerful religious lives in their father's house, Tarsilla, Saint Emiliana, and Gordiana. They encouraged each another to growth in holiness.
(Dec. 24)
Immanuel, Manuel
God with us
Jesus Christ is your patron! Having a name associated with the joy of Christmas is a reminder that you are called to bring Christ to all those around you.
(Dec. 25)
Erick, Erich
Saint Eric was a king of Sweden who codified Swedish law under Gospel principles. He used his power and authority to spread the Gospel through his kingdom.
(May 18)
Saint Ernest was the abbot of a Benedictine Abbey in Germany. He went on the Crusades, preached in Arabia and Persia, and was captured by the Moors. He was tortured to death in Mecca.
(Nov. 7)
well born
Saint Eugene I was a priest who had served in several different positions in the Church and became pope. He was widely known for his charity and holiness.
(June 2)
Saint Eustace served as a parish priest until he was elected abbot. He later became the apostolic legate to England for Pope Innocent III.
(Sept. 7)
prosperous farmer
Saint Fabian was filled with zeal and wisdom. As a layman and farmer, he entered Rome on the day a new pope was being elected. By God's design, a dove flew into the proceedings and landed on his head, an obvious sign that God had anointed him to serve as pope. Surprised but obedient, Saint Fabian said yes.
Jan. 20
Felician, Felicio
Saint Felix of Nola was a priest ordained by and worked with Saint Maximus of Nola. When Maximus was dying, Felix hid him from soldiers in a vacant building. God used a spider to spin a web over the door, fooling the soldiers into thinking no one had entered there.
(Jan. 14)
Fernando, Ferde, Fernand, Hernando
Saint Ferdinand III of Castile was a great administrator who had very deep faith. His friendship with God inspired him to be a just ruler, and he pardoned those who attacked his throne.
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen was a lawyer who grew disgusted by the greed, corruption, and lack of interest in justice by his colleagues. He changed careers to join the priesthood. He gave away his worldly wealth to poor seminarians and other needy people.
(April 24)
Frank, Franz, Francesco, Francisco, Franco, Francois
When Saint Francis of Assisi turned his life over to God, he gave away his possessions, including the clothes on his back. He discovered that this freed him to experience His love more fully, so he said, "Let us give alms because these cleanse our souls from the stains of sin."

Saint Francis Xavier was sent to evangelize the unexplored Far East. This was made difficult by sciatica, but he offered up his pain for the mission and he received many supernatural gifts, including prophecy, healing, calming storms, and raising people from the dead. He baptized more than 40,000 converts.

Oct. 4
Dec. 3
Fred, Federico, Frederic, Friedrich
Saint Frederick was a bishop who established order throughout his diocese. He sent eager, faith-filled and holy missionaries to the places where paganism still existed. He was good at caring for the spiritual growth of converts.
(July 18)
God's strength
God had given us archangels to assist us during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Gabriel is a messenger of the Good News; he can help us hear God's voice and to teach us the truth.
Sept. 29
Godfrey, Jeffrey, Jeff, Gottfried, Goffredo
God's peace
Saint Godfrey was the abbot of a rundown abbey who restored it to good discipline and rebuilt it into a flourishing community.
Nov. 8
Georges, Giorgio, Igor, Jorge, Jurgen
Saint George was nicknamed the "Victory Bringer" because he relied on God's power to defeat evil wherever he went. Starting as a soldier in the army, he converted and became a soldier for Christ. Laying down the world
Geraldo, Garcia, Jerold
spear rule
Saint Gerald of Aurillac was a Count who gave away his possessions and dedicated himself to God and ministry. Though he never joined an order, he lived as if he did. He built a church and abbey on his property.
(Oct. 13)
Gerhard, Gerado, Girado, Girard
strong spear
Saint Gerard of Brogne joined a monastery in order to find a quiet, peaceful place to spend his time in prayer, although he willingly left his solitude to help others become stronger in their faith. He believed that if people realized the joy that came from praying, they would pray more often.
Oct. 3
Saint Germaine Cousin was a severely abused and neglected child. She turned to God, who taught her how to forgive her family and grow in holiness. She entrusted the sheep she tended to God's care while she went to daily Mass, and they were never attacked by wolves. One day when the rains flooded the river, a villager saw the water part so she could get to Mass. She died from her mistreatments at age 22; forty years later her body was exhumed and found incorrupted.
(June 15)
Gervas, Jarvis, Jervis
spear servant
Saint Gervasius was one of the first martyrs of Milan. He is the patron of haymakers and is invoked for the discovery of thieves. His relics were discovered by Saint Ambrose, who was guided to them by a vision.
(June 19)
bright pledge
Saint Gilbert of Sempringham was exiled to Paris by his father to study the arts because he refused to become a soldier. When he returned home, he opened a school for poor children, giving them special training in religion. When his parents died, he spent his inheritance by founding monasteries and helping the poor.
(Feb. 4)
Saint Gregory the Great was the first pope who referred to himself as "the servant of the servants of God," and all the popes since then have used the same title.
Sept. 3
Saint Guy of Anderlecht was born in poverty, and he believed this was a holy condition that God wanted for him. Once, he invested in an sea expedition in the hopes of getting rich. The ship sank, and Guy took it as a sign. He walked to Rome in penance for his greed, then to Jerusalem where he worked for a while as a guide to pilgrims.
(Sept. 12)
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