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Saints' Names for Girls

This is a supplement to Terry Modica's book Daily Prayers with the Saints for the New Millennium. The saints whose feast days are blank or in ( ) are extras for this site but are not included in the book.
Saint & Patronage
Feast Day
Alessandra, Alex, Alexandra, Alexandrina, Alexis, Cassandra
people helper
Saint Alexander Sauli became a bishop in a diocese where faith had died. Clergy and laity knew little about scripture and Church teachings. With the help of three friends, he inspired the people to new faith, corrected abuses, rebuilt broken down churches, and founded colleges and seminaries.
Oct. 11
Sally, Sara, Sarai, Shari
Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the father of the Jewish religion. Her original name was Sarai until God renamed her when He made His covenant with them. She had been barren until a very old age, and when she was long past her biological time to have children, God gave her a son, Isaac.
(fem. of Anselm)
divine helmet
Saint Anselm of Canterbury actively fought against slavery in England, even getting politically involved and obtaining legislation that made it illegal to sell human beings.
Serafina, Seraphia, Fina
Saint Seraphina was the victim of disease and neglect, and suffered continuously. She is patron of the handicapped.
Mar. 12
His plain or field
Sharon is the name given to various places in Israel known for their beauty. In the Song of Songs 2:1, God is metaphorically alluded to as a lover saying, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."
Simona, Mona (fem. of Simon)
Saint Simon was one of the 12 Apostles (not to be confused with Simon/Peter). He was zealous about preaching the Good News.

Because of the great holiness of the prayer life of Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger, and because of his growing reputation as a healer and miracle worker, the place where he lived as a hermit became a site for many pilgrimages.

Oct. 28
May 24
Sonia, Sonya, Sophie, Sofia
According to legend, there was a Roman widow, Saint Wisdom (or Sofia), who had three daughters, Saint Faith, Saint Hope, and Saint Charity, and they all suffered for Jesus. Faith, age 12, miraculously survived being scourged and thrown into boiling pitch, and was finally beheaded; Hope, age 10, and Charity, age 9, were unharmed when tossed into a furnace, so they also were beheaded; their mother suffered while praying over the bodies of her children.
(Sept. 30)
Anastasia, Stasia
who will rise again
Saint Anastasia's father was a pagan nobleman, but her mother was Christian and secretly raised her in Christian beliefs and ways of holiness. Anastasia's husband was also pagan, and after he discovered she was a Christian, he stopped loving her and became a cruel tyrant, confining her to the house and treating her like a slave. Anastasia rejoiced that she could suffer for the love of Jesus Christ.
(Dec. 25)
Estelle, Estella, Estrella, Esther
Saint Esther was an Old Testament Jewess who became, by marriage to Xerxes, Queen of Persia. She prevented the king from massacring all the Jews in the kingdom.
Saint Stephen was one of the first deacons in the Church. His holiness was so evident that when he preached to his enemies, his face glowed brightly like an angel's. He became the first martyr.

Saint Stephen Harding found great joy in imitating Jesus through a life of poverty, praying, fasting, and working hard. When the other monks got tired of such a difficult life, Stephen formed a new community, the Cistercians.

Dec. 26
April 17
Susan, Suzanne, Suzette
Saint Susanna was the beautiful daughter of a priest in Rome. She refused to marry the emperor's son-in-law, and when the ruler sent two of her uncles, who were court officers, to make her change her mind, she converted them to Christianity. The emperor was so mad, he martyred them.
(Aug. 11)
Sylva, Sylvette, Sylvie, Silvia
of the forest
Saint Sylvia was the mother of Saint Gregory the Great, who became a pope. She and her husband raised their children to live a sanctified life filled with acts of kindness toward others.
Nov. 5
Antonia, Antoinette, Antonina, Toni, Tonia
Saint Anthony of Padua was always a ready helper in time of need. Living as a hermit, he left his cave only to attend Mass and sweep the nearby monastery. When he filled in for a scheduled speaker who failed to keep his commitment, his reputation as a great preacher spread widely. Patron saint for finding lost articles.

Saint Anthony Claret was convinced that the Church should use the power of the printed word to evangelize the world.

June 13
Oct. 24
Theresa, Terese, Therese, Terry, Tracy
Saint Teresa of Avila realized with shock and sorrow that her love for Jesus was almost nil compared to His great love for her. She decided to devote herself to prayer and sacrifice, and in so doing, she became a mystical contemplative. She wrote that if we fully yield our lives, "I am convinced that He never ceases bestowing His graces until He has brought us to a very high state of prayer."

Saint Th

Oct. 15
Oct. 1
Dolly, Dora, Dorothy, Doris
God's gift
Saint Theodore of Sykeon was a monk and a bishop who worked amazing miracles, including healings. He put an end to a plague of insects by praying, confidently putting the matter into God's hands.

Saint Theodore Tyro was a young soldier in the Roman army when he converted to Christianity. Though he was ordered to fight enemies of the empire, he believed that the devil was the only true enemy. Soon, he was killed for being a Christian, thus winning the battle against the demons who wanted to keep him out of Heaven.

April 22
Nov. 9
Tomasa, Tomasina, Tomasine
Saint Thomas the Apostle doubted Jesus' resurrection until he touched His wounds. After Pentecost, God called him to become a missionary in India, but he doubted again and said no. He changed his mind only after being taken into slavery by a merchant who happened to be going to India. Once he was cured of his doubt, God freed him and he began the work he had called him to do. He is the patron saint against doubt.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

July 3
Jan. 28
Tilda, Matilda, Maude, Maud
battle maiden
Though Saint Matilda married a king, she did not lord it over others. She often visited the sick and imprisoned. Her husband learned much from her holiness, taking greater interest in the needs of his people and using his power to ease their suffering.
Mar. 14
Katherine, Kathryn, Katrina, Kay, Kit, Kitty, Catherine
Jesus gave Saint Catherine Labour
Nov. 28
April 29
Mar. 24
Gertrude, Gerda
spear strength
Saint Gertrude was a very gifted student and loved every subject except religion. When she studied philosophy, it began to twist her mind and lead her away from the Faith, so Jesus visited her in a vision and called her back. From then on she studied Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers.
Nov. 16
Little Bear
Saint Ursula loved children and became a teacher. She taught them about the Good News and instructed them in how to lead holy lives. She is the patron of Catholic education, students, and teachers.
Oct. 21
Valerie, Valeria
Saint Valerius was a bishop who worked throughout southern France to evangelize the region and to increase monasticism.
Feb. 19
Vera, Bernice
victory bringer
Saint Veronica served Jesus on His way to Calvary by wiping His beloved face with a towel on which His sacred image then appeared. She protected this treasure, and whenever people touched it, they were miraculously healed.
Saint Vincent de Paul developed a special concern for the poor after giving the Sacraments to a dying peasant. He cared for slaves, prostitutes, war victims, and the destitute.
Sept. 27
The Blessed Virgin Mary is your patron. Her parents dedicated her to God when she was three. In the temple, she joined the girls who spent their days praying, reading Scripture, and serving the temple priests. Her holiness was very evident, and the high priest thought that God probably had great plans for her.
Saint Vivian was a bishop who dedicated his life to relieving the sufferings of the local people after they were invaded by a heathen enemy.
(Aug. 28)
(fem. of Wilhelm, which is a form of William)
strong helmet
Saint William of Eskilsoe worked so hard on his spiritual growth that he developed a widespread reputation for holiness and austerity.
(form of Genevieve)
white wave
Saint Genevieve was a small child when she decided to devote her life to God. She allowed nothing to interfere. She had an enthusiastic and single-minded heart for Christ.
Jan. 3
Blessed Yvette has not been canonized, but she is considered a saint. After she was widowed at age eighteen with three children, she dedicated herself to caring for lepers out of love for God. She became a mystic, loved by the people for her prayers and miracles. She brought her father and one of her two remaining children back to the Faith.
(Jan. 13)
little hope
Saint Zita was sold to a family as a domestic servant, and she stayed in that position for the rest of her life. Because of her Christian beliefs, she often gave away her food, and sometimes her master
Saint Zoe and her husband Exsuperius (also called Hesperus) were Christian slaves who refused to eat food offered to the gods of their master when their son was born. The family was therefore martyred.
(May 2)
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