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The Way of the Cross
a downloadable booklet from Catholic Digital Resources

This printable e-booklet of the Stations of the Cross contains prayers that are designed to personalize the experience and invite deeper faith in Christ and his immense love for you. It’s a 16-page prayer book (8 pages, folded in half; print double-sided) available in both English and Spanish.

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As a thank-you for your partnership in our mission, we'd like to give you pamphlet for LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE BLESSED MOTHER, a 24-page e-book (PDF format).

HOW TO GET IT: Clip the coupon code and you’ll be taken to the order page for the ebook LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE BLESSED MOTHER. Choose the Single User License and add it to your shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, paste your coupon code and click “apply” to adjust the price. Then continue shopping or check out. Your order will immediately be sent to you by email; all orders are digital downloads.

Note: Good News Ministries is a non-profit organization that accepts donations as support for its ministries, but does not charge for anything. Catholic Digital Resources is a for-profit publishing company serving faith sharing groups and parishes; CDR relies on purchases to support the staff and other costs.

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