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At Good News Ministries, we’ve assembled an inner circle of passionate servants of Christ, a team of talented people who seek an outlet for following their dreams: the dream of friends and family rediscovering the love of Christ and the life-changing power of Catholicism, the dream of living purposeful lives reaching the full potential that God designed for each of us, the dream of a renewed spiritual vitality in the Church. In short, we make dreams come true in what really matters. We’re looking for people who want to serve Christ with us.

If you want to make a world-wide difference for the Kingdom of God, join the Good News Ministries Team! We are here to open wide the door for you.

It doesn’t matter where you live, but if you live in the Tampa Bay area, be sure to let us know.

Help Wanted: Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Help Wanted

Can you help with any of the following needs?

Website Assistant
PAID JOB OPPORTUNITY – Up to 20 weekday hours a week

Here are the minimum requirements:

  1. Applicants must know how to work in WordPress to assist Director Terry Modica and our webmaster-developer Jeremy.
  2. Must know CSS and HTML code, and PHP.
  3. Must live somewhere in the US (for tax reasons)
  4. And of course, must love sharing the Catholic faith.

Word doc / Writing Editor
PAID JOB OPPORTUNITY – Up to 20 flexible hours a week
Have fun serving the Lord while editing manuscripts, video and podcast transcripts, new articles for the website and blog posts, assisting with our elist mailings, and (easy to learn) updating WordPress pages.

Here are the minimum requirements:

  1. Must know MS Word well.
  2. Must be an expert in American English grammar and style.
  3. Spanish is not required, but there’s more work if you can edit in Spanish, too.
  4. Must live somewhere in the US (for tax reasons)
  5. And of course, must love sharing the Catholic faith.

Download the complete job description.

Virtual Reality Developers & Advisors
Good News Ministries is on the leading edge of using Virtual Reality (VR) technology for faith-based education and online retreats. You are invited now to join the discussion and help Good News Ministries pioneer the use of Virtual Reality for Retreats and Courses!

We want your ideas as well as your talents. With your help, we will produce virtual retreats, virtual tours of interesting churches, and compelling stories that inspire donations for the poorest of the poor in Malawi (Central Africa) and missionary work.

We’re putting together a team that can handle all the various aspects of making these productions, including:

  • If you have any skills that might help, contact us — we are building a team that includes script-writers, videographers, video editors, 3-D graphic artists, narrators, testers and reviewers, etc.
  • If you believe in the evangelizing power of Virtual Reality and would like to support it financially, contact us.
  • If you know how to search and apply for grants that will underwrite GNM’s VR development, contact us.
  • If you design apps and you’d like to be one of our developers, contact us.
  • If you simply want to see what progress is being made in this exciting pioneer work, subscribe to our Virtual Reality Community. Join the newest way to build your faith! Find out when new Virtual Reality experiences are added to the Good News Ministries website. We will also send you occasional news and celebrations about our Virtual Reality ministry.
  • Also subscribe to our blog, Exploring VR for Christian Mission.

Graphics Artists
We are seeking a graphics artist volunteer who wants to serve the Lord’s evangelization mission. There are opportunities to use your creativity with graphics, depending on how much time you want to give and how much fun you want to have as a team member. 

We always need more translators, especially from English to Spanish or to French.

We need proofreaders in English and proofreaders in Spanish. This is one of our less time-consuming tasks but very important.

Video Transcribers
We need people who are good listeners and good proofreaders to convert our videos to text, for use as subtitles and to provide as downloadable PDF files.

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