Sunday February 5, 2023

Good News Reflections:
Making scripture meaningful to your daily life
by Terry Modica

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“Non-believers learn that the love of Christ is real when they see us living in love with each other.”

Good News Reflection for:

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 5, 2023

Today’s Prayer:

May all Your children, Lord, be aware of Your light in us. May we work together so that it may transform the darkness in our hearts. Amen.

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Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 58:7-10
Ps 112:4-9
1 Corinthians 2:1-5
Matthew 5:13-16
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Season the world with your faith

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This Sunday, Jesus tells us: “You are the salt of the earth.” What does it mean to be salt? Think about what salt does. It adds flavor to foods that lack sufficient taste.

Jesus also raises the point that if we lose our flavor, how can it be restored? The answer is: Only by letting God renew us.

In your baptism, you were made flavorful — alive with God’s love, peace, joy, etc. Fruitful Christians are those who evangelize by adding the seasoning of God’s life — God’s love, peace, joy, etc. — to the lives of the people around them.

But beware of trying too hard! What happens when food is over-salted? It tastes horrible. No matter how good our intentions might be, if we come on too strong, we do more harm than good.

People are much more likely to turn to Jesus if they first experience his love from us, and his peace in how we treat them, and his joy in the way we live our lives. They need to discover that Jesus loves them just the way they are, that he is gentle but sincere when inviting them to grow spiritually, and that he can help them turn hardships and troubles into blessings and joys.

Jesus also tells us to be a light that others cannot help but notice — but not a light that blinds. To flavor the lives of others with the presence of Jesus, we have to let his light shine in us. We have to be so lit up by Christ that others cannot help but notice.

Additionally, Jesus says that we have to be a city. We cannot evangelize alone. A “city” is a group of Christians: a parish, a family, a church organization. Being Christian means being in community. When our light is joined to the light of others, our collective glow is much more effective in revealing Christ to the world. Why? Because non-believers learn that the love of Christ is real when they see us living in love with each other: unconditionally, generously, with a servant’s heart (see Acts 2:42-47).

We are the light of Christ for each other. We are seasoning for each other. Without each other, our light dims, our flavor fades, and we become useless to God’s kingdom.

Questions for Personal Reflection:
In what ways have you over-salted someone by trying too hard or too often to evangelize? What were the results? What will you do to rectify this? What obstructs the light of Christ within you? What in you needs to change so that the people around you can see him better?

Questions for Community Faith Sharing:
What clues help us identify people whose lives are lacking the full flavor of Jesus’ love? How could their lives be seasoned with the love of Jesus that is in you? And in your parish?

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© 2023 by Terry A. Modica

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