November 26 – Saint John Berchmans

Saint John Berchmans

Holy Spirit, Saint John Berchmans was an ordinary young man who desired to become a holy priest.  During his preparations, he loved serving at the altar, praying the Rosary, meditating about the crucifix, and striving for holiness by following the rules of his Jesuit order.  However, he died of illness while still a seminarian.  He is the patron saint of altar servers, so I ask him to pray for the children who are involved in this ministry.  Fill them with awe, O Lord.  Teach us to help them understand what a great honor it is to assist the priest in Mass.  Inspire altar boys to become holy priests and lead every child into ministry.  Saint John Berchmans, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint John Berchmans

Our true worth does not consist in what human beings think of us. What we really are consists in what God knows us to be. >>

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