November 3 – Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Martin de Porres

O Loving Lord, Saint Martin de Porres studied medicine to cure the sufferings of people.  By entering the Dominican order and growing in holiness, he discovered that You would often heal people miraculously through his prayers.  I ask him to intercede for me to be Your instrument of healing to those around me who have illnesses.  Lord Jesus, teach me to be a healer through my words and acts of compassion, give me wisdom for the proper use of modern science, and increase the power of my prayers.  I also ask Saint Martin to pray for the healing of these people according to Your loving will and divine grace.  Saint Martin, pray for us.  Amen.

QUOTES by Saint Martin de Porres

What real merit have you? Remember that you ought to be nothing but a slave. Only through the mercy of God are you tolerated by others. >>

Compassion, my dear Brother, is preferable to cleanliness. >>

Do not complain, that shows discontent with the will of GOD in the present moment. That is also proof of impatience. >>

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