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  • What I’ve learned from Grief so far
  • Ralph’s favorite topic: Why YOU can pray for others successfully
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What I’ve learned from Grief so far

Terry's two dogsI’m surprised that it’s now the end of May and it’s been only four months since my dearly beloved Ralph unexpectedly went Home to the Lord. It feels like everything’s been in slow motion since the moment I heard those unbelievable words: “Your husband became unresponsive and we could not revive him.”

Grief is both a torturer and a friend. Its torture is self-explanatory. It’s friendship is only possible by connecting my pain to the sufferings of Christ and asking God: “What do you have planned for me that would not have happened if You hadn’t taken Ralph from me?”

The first thing I did (Ralph had said no to this idea), was rescue a dog from the animal shelter. After prayerful consideration, a month after Grief moved in, GG moved in. I needed new life in the house. I needed young life. And I needed a project (training the dog) to force me up off the couch of fatigue and depression. GG (which stands for God’s Grace) has the face of a Chihuahua, the ears and body of a Jack Russel Terrier, and the graceful, tall, jumpy legs, curly tail and coloring of a Basenji. She’s more of a challenge than I wanted, but she has taught me to be persistent despite how much I’d rather curl up on the couch and ignore life.

I told GG that she has an important job: Cuddle with me, give me affection, and listen to me. My old dog, Mona (a Shih Tzu mix), is not a cuddler, although she is super-sweet. Now they are best buddies and Mona has taken over my lap much more than she used to.

Another thing that Grief has taught me is to live more consciously in the here and now. My peace comes from knowing that God is with me. And this decorates my spirit with twinklings of joy. If I dwell on the past, reliving Ralph’s final weeks, or if I hang on to the expectations that were dashed by his departure, I lose God’s presence. 

It’s a long, slow process, but I’m starting to get used to the single life. I try to focus on its advantages so that I’m distracted from wishing that Ralph had lived at least another two years in order to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

His departure also affects Good News Ministries. Undoubtedly he is sitting in the mansion that Jesus built for him, praying for me and praying for you and  everyone else who’s being served by Good News Ministries. Meanwhile, we refilled his seat on the Board of Directors with Beth Solis.

The top priority for the Board now is succession planning: When my time comes to join Ralph, GNM will be able to continue without me. There’s no one to replace me yet, but we’ve developed a 5-year strategy to find and groom a new Executive Director. Please keep this in your prayers.

Grief has also taught me to plan ahead. Soon, I’ll rewrite my will. Good News Ministries will be the beneficiary, securing its future. Right now I’m taking care of legal paperwork for my mother, getting my sister more involved in case Mom outlives my availability.

And Grief has taken me into my parish’s ministry to young adults. Michelle, the group’s leader, has been my most helpful and involved friend. Our friendship blossomed as she repeatedly embraced me with love. She brought laughter with her when she helped me sort through Ralph’s clothes. Now I’m her partner in the Young Adults Bible Study. These young people bless me with their eagerness to learn the Bible and stay close to Christ.

To end this article, I want to thank the many members of Good News Ministries who have been praying for me and for Ralph’s soul, and those who have sent me their condolences. There have been too many for me to respond to — so please accept my thanks now.

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Ralph’s favorite topic:
Why YOU can pray for others successfully

In this video, made in 2018, Ralph wants you to know: “A lot of times we feel we’re unworthy to pray. There’s always someone out there that is a much, much better prayer than we are. We don’t have the right words. We can’t quote Scripture, chapter and verse. These people – they pray so much better. They’re so much more eloquent. You and I are both children of God, sons and daughters of the Most High. And our Heavenly Father listens to you as well as he listens to me….

“You can pray. You don’t have to worry about all the fancy words being eloquent. You can pray. How often do people come up to you and ask for your prayers? I mean they’re recognizing something in you. They’re recognizing Jesus in you. They’re coming to you because they’re coming to the Jesus in you. And that’s where our faith needs to lie. That Jesus within us is the one who does the praying.”

This message is based on Mark 7:24-30. Watch the video @

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Thank you for reading this newsletter.

Terry ModicaYour servant in Christ,
Terry Modica, Executive Director
Good News Ministries

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