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  • This Advent, here are 4 gifts you can give to Jesus
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Four gifts for Jesus

This Advent, here are 4 gifts you can give to Jesus

When we prepare for Christmas, of course we think about how to show fondness and appreciation to the special people in our lives by choosing gifts that will be meaningful to them. And yet, assuming that we can actually find (or make) something that will be appreciated, will the gift really make a difference in the long run?

That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to buy my book, 30 Days to the Father’s Heart, as a gift for friends and family who need some evangelization or, if they are going to church, healing for a closer relationship with God as a loving, compassionate Father.

How many gifts have you given in the past that are now mere dust-collectors? Which ones turned out to be truly valuable with a long-lasting impact? Order my book today so it’s delivered in time for Christmas! Visit

And what about giving gifts to Jesus? What can you give him that will have an eternal impact — what gifts that no one else can give, gifts he doesn’t already have?

I made a short video meditation on this for you. I propose four gifts that you can give to Jesus: your humility, your teachability, your desire to be holy with openness to his Holy Spirit, and your desire to continue the mission that he began by using your gifts, talents, skills, and passions. Discover the amazingly simple secret to giving Jesus your best in these four areas.


Prayer Room

Good News Prayer Room:

Use our collection of Catholic prayers designed with your needs in mind. They will give you hope and a stronger connection to God’s love and support. What do you need prayers for today?


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Good News WordBytes:

WANT MORE FAITH and HOPE in TROUBLED TIMES? WE’RE HERE for YOU! Choose from a variety of topics on our website of Catholic Faith-building articles. What do you need today?


God bless you!

Every morning, I lift up in prayer everyone who helps Good News Ministries in any way (donors, volunteers, prayer supporters, etc.) and all the prayer requests posted on our site. What can I cover in prayer for you? Post your prayer request.

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